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11 years ago

Setup: Increase the logo size

World be great to have a chance of putting a larger logo on the invoices. It would look more professional. Also have chance to put more then one logo on the invoice good for having a Trading As Name


"Larger Logo and 2 Logos On one Invoice"


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    Not sure if they are different but am using AccountRight Live Plus - You can make your logo as large as you want, just resize your logo. And you can insert multiple images (logos) on the invoice.

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    Thanks for the great idea. We would love to hear what others think about this. Please keep the votes and comments coming.
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    I am running two businesses under one gst number and would like the ability to save two logos on my LiveAccoounts, or even have two templates/invoices saved

    This would be very beneficial for me and would save a lot of time 

  • yes, i agree. the logo size looks wrong. please change this.  Not sure if we can keep using the package because of this . Not happy.

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    Hi everyone,


    The ability of adjusting logo size has been implemented in Essentials Accounting, you can go to Invoice and quote settings > Styling and themes to set the size and position of your logo. 


    Thank you all for your votes and comments for this idea. 

  • It would be great to be able to add a second logo to invoices. I would like to add 'Member of Creditor Watch' to  my invoices.