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2 years ago

Statement records

Please show a record of statements sent.  Clients are denying the statement was sent and we can't prove otherwise.  This is a simple thing that we used to be able to do.  We used to receive a confirmation email of statements sent and that has been removed too.  Put it back!


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    Thank you for your suggestion. We'll relay your idea/feedback to the relevant team.

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    Yes please!  We have clients denying they have received statements also.  We need to be able to present evidence to court that all invoices and statements were sent.

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    I have that problem, I have turned off the internal email send and send them to outlook so I can resend the oringinal invoice/statement that they say the didnt get

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    Hi lyndor 


    Thanks for your post. As mentioned by Cel, you can always check the print/email statements and as per the post mentioned above, there are steps that you can follow. We will also relay to the relevant team regarding this concern as we appreciate your feedback/suggestion. 


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