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Bank Feeds: Ability to match one bank transaction to multiple myob transactions

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I'm sure this would have been suggested before And I can't find it.

Two+eftpos payments received in one day.

Unable to match two to one?

Am I missing something?

If so please enlighten me.



Current Status: Open
Last Changed: September 2013

Thanks for the feedback on the Bank Feeds, Geoff. It would be great to get some feedback on this suggestion with votes and comments from other users too.

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I agree - I think it has been posted as a problem - but not as an idea. I agree - we need the ability back to match multiple transactions to 1 transaction - Live accounts does this - why not Live? You are now forced to use undeposited funds - might seem easy in computer terms - but not practible in all cases.

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Thanks for the feedback on the Bank Feeds, Geoff. It would be great to get some feedback on this suggestion with votes and comments from other users too.
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I agree with both comments. Bank feeds reduce amount of the time to enter transactions so this change would make bank feeds more flexible

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Just to add to this, currently you would best using the prepare electronic payment or prepare bank deposits features to group your transactions as a lump sum which can then be matched to your bank feed. 

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Thanks Barry 

I'm aware of that alternative. 

My suggested change avoids passing it though another process and makes bank feeds more user friendly from my perspective.


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We would love to see that the bank feeds be able to split payments between different creditors. At the moment, we have been told that the only way a bulk payment can be split between different creditors is to hide the transaction from the bank feed and then manually apply the payments and manually reconcile the bank. This seems to contradict the point of bank feeds. I am sure we are not the only ones who would need a payment to be split.


This would be great if someone could look at implementing asap.


MYOB Moderator Matthew_W
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Thank you for your feedback, I can appreciate your position, the point in Bank Feeds is to help with reconciliations for transactions that match the data that has been entered into your file, the option to make the bank information and the information in your file more different has not been included for this reason. That being said we're always happy to consider changes and it would be great to see the demand for this through community votes.
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Yeah, I struggle to get a bank feed transaction that is a payment across multiple invoice to get picked up.  In fact I can't get to to recognise it.  So I end up with an invoice overdue, even though the customer isn't actually overdue, as the payment has had to contributed to a later invoice.

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I agree - we need this for customer receipts as well - it's a biggie Smiley Happy

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I agree, the option of cutting out one step in processing is a great idea as it speeds up the process.  


Its a regular thing where client's process single transactions into MYOB and then one lump sum transaction in their net banking and currently, we need to edit every single transaction to change the bank account to 'Undeposited Funds' or 'Electronic Payments' and then to prepare either the Bank Deposit or Electronic payments.


Preparing electronic payments isn't user friendly either as you need to prepare a Bank File to record the electronic payment - there is no option to just record it.  You then get an error message as the bank file you create is a different date to the process date and therefore won't work.


It would be much easier if we could cut these steps out by being able to match multiple transactions in MYOB against one bank file through the bank feeds screen.