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Bank Feeds: ING Direct feeds

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Hi there,


 I've just signed up with Myob and was about to set up a Bank Feed but you don't support ING Direct?


How come you support tiny little banks but not ING?


And how can I work around this? My main reason signing up with MYOB was the Bank Feed feature!



"Bank Feed for ING Direct?"

Current Status: Planned
Last Changed: May 2013

Our partners BankLink (who provide bank feeds for AccountRight) are in discussions with ING to provide bank feeds. We can't confirm a date yet but we hope to have positive news in the near future.

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Can we have an update on this please?

Last comment by MYOB was 2013.



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Is there any further news on whether ING will allow Bank Feeds into MYOB? Have MYOB stopped trying to get them to opt in? It's been FIVE years since the Current Status was "Planned". I need to know if there is even a remote chance that this will happen, ie are negotiations still happening? I need to move off the old accountright V19 platform and if I can't get the bank feeds for ING then it's a perfect time to move to another platform, as  I find the new online version of MYOB to be excruciatingly slow, even working offline, and setting the parameters in my antivirus/firewall. I look forward to hearing an update. Kind Regards.

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I realised we can only use Spend money with Bank fees

Why wouldnt this be settup so we can use Purchases

when setting up transaction rules

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Hello @KOSKO

You can use purchases for you Bank Fees. Set up a Supplier Card for the bank and then prepare a pyrchase for the fees. Then when the Bank Fees come in allocate it to the pay Bill option.



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 Same question 5yrs later.  lol any progress team?

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Are ING bank feeds any closer or do we just give up waiting and move to Xero??

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We need to set up the bank feed for one of our clients. Do you support Ing bank for bank feed now???


Kind regards,


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I'm just in the process switching from MYOB AR to Essentials and have just opened a new ING bank account - however I cannot set up Bank Feeds for ING as it's not on the list of financial institutions.

Please can someone at MYOB fix this please, as ING is certainly not a small named banking instituiton.


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MYOB  please follow this up


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Been in discussions since 2013  -  its now 2019.  Xero have ING bank feeds!!!!  Lift your game MYOB