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Banking: Change the Automatic Cheque Numbering

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Remove the automatic cheque numbers for every transaction in spend money and payroll.  Most clients use internet banking & EFT these days, so cheques shouldn't be the default option.  If you write a cheque you should manually enter the cheque number in MYOB.

Current Status: Open
Last Changed: October 2012

Thanks for the feedback. We've taken this on board with our upcoming Bank Feeds function which only uses Cheque number when the source is actually a cheque, otherwise we default to EFT. This should save a lot of typing!

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Hi JPH - I get your frustration so I enter 99.9% of my data through "use recurring", and in the recurring schedule information you can choose the data that goes into the "cheque" field automatically. 


With companies whom I enter purchases who use hand-written purchase orders I specify three dots (...) so then the auto number doesn't get generated and used accidentally, I can then search for purchases that don't have an order number yet, but I have an invoice for etc.


In the Banking/Spend Money field I choose DD (direct debit) EP (eftpos), etc.  My suggestion would be to create a use-recurring that appears at the top of the list, eg name it .EP (the dot should bring it to the top of the use recurring list), so you only have to then choose "enter" to use it ... then enter your data from there.


Hope this helps... Smiley Happy

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Thanks for the feedback. We've taken this on board with our upcoming Bank Feeds function which only uses Cheque number when the source is actually a cheque, otherwise we default to EFT. This should save a lot of typing!
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It drives me mad having to change the "cheque no" field in Spend Money or Pay Bills field from a number to a reference such as BP/AP/DD etc.  Particulary when you are paying bills and grouping with electronic payments.


I dont think just changing the bank feeds takes this solution far enough.


Perhaps if you take the option to "group with electronic payments" the system could automatically change the reference field to a default reference, that is setup in Preferences.  OR in Pay Bills or Spend Money, the Cheque No field could default to the last reference that was used?


In reality, who really even uses cheques that often anymore??  This field should probably be labelled "Reference" and most definitely have the ability to NOT have incremental numbers.




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Agreed Bianca - hopefully they will look at this further.

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Another suggestion is to allow more than 8 characters for the payment reference field. Also the downside of using the same reference such as EFT for all payments can really make you suffer when importing and exporting and some reports group payments together if they have the same reference even when they are clearly different/separate (from memory). Thanks
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My request is related to this issue.  When paying for purchase invoices through the AP To Do List, the next available cheque number is entered by the system.  There should be a choice to enter your own designation or any or all payments being made, eg eft, dd etc.


I also would like to add that this whole issue should be high priority as I can't believe that it hasn't been brought up previously.


Cheers,  Alex

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I also dislike the way the system is currently configured, and the changes brought in by bank feeds has not really helped me.  I use the 'cheque number' field as a unique identifier for each payment created, so I can cross reference back to a bill paid.  When I pay almost everything by EFT, there is no point in labelling every transaction 'EFT' as the bank feeds tool has started to do.  Let us continue to use a unique identifier (and a second memo field for the odd occasion when a cheque is actually used wouldn't go amiss.)

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I note that this has been discussed before but am curious as to why the option to use cheque No's or EFT1, EFT2 etc is not built into setup options, as stated by previous question on this subject many business's today do far more transactions by EFT than in physical cheques so in real terms it would be simpler to manually enter cheque number if that facility of auto numbering was turned off in setup and myob simply displayed last used entry be it EFT or number when spend money or pay bills was opened

kindest regards


Cobiac & Chapman

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This is an obvious omission in this field. I agree there should be a number of selectable options regarding the method of payment (cheque number / EFT / Credit Card - by card issuer perhaps) BPAY etc together with the means to select either EFT every time for that format or an incrementally updated number for cheques for example.


I would also like to see the option of bundling a number of indivual BPAY payments into one electronic file that is uploaded in the same way normal "aba" files are.



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Are you using Bank Feeds?


Bank Feeds will reduce the amount of Data Entry substantially.


I understand MYOB uses EFT so the cheque number does not have to be changed.


Hope this helps.


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