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3 months ago

Accountright Desktop Login Change

I use Accountrigh DESKTOP online with all of my clients appearing in a "Company Files Online" list.   Each morning I used to log in and work to each of my clients as necessary.  That one login would last for 12 hours.   And every now and then the authenticator.

A few days ago, for every client I have on the list, I now have to type in my email address, and then the password again, making it a tedious task to go through a number of clients I update every morning.     I rarely use the cloud version, as desktop is quicker for my purposes.   

Is there any reason for the frustrating change. 



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  • Hi KatieMcL,


    I understand your concern about the AccountRight Desktop login process. This is part of an initiative to enhance the security of the AccountRight desktop product by introducing 2FA challenges for sensitive detail changes within the product workflows. This is likely why you must now enter your email address and password for each client on your list.


    I know that this made the login process more tedious for you, especially if you're managing multiple clients. However, we aimed at improving the overall security of the system and protecting sensitive data. 


    If you have any further questions or concerns, feel free to let me know.




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      Thank you, I guessed it was for that reason.   I sometimes have 3 copies open for the various entities of one client.   What I will do now is open 3 clients first thing in the morning, and I have found I can go to "File>Open" and select the next client from the list without the log in process.   The new systems give you a quicker processing factor, then it is all wiped out with these other processes now. 

      Surely for partners, bookkeepers some log in process to cover all their clients can be set up.  Keep praying..! 

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    Hi KatieMcL,


    You're very much welcome! I'm glad that Princess did answer you question. Please feel free to create a post again if you encounter issues in the future.


    Best regards,