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Card File: Include Start Date column (for employees)

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Card Lists - Employee


Currently the columns I use in the summary card list for my employees are: 


* Name

* Card ID

* Phone No

* Email

* Date of Birth


I would like to add another column titled "Start Date" so I can quickly view when their work anniversary is coming up.


I can see "Termination Date" as an option, but I believe "Start Date" for existing staff is more valuable.


How can we achieve this extra column option?  How hard would it be to introduce this feature?  Would love to hear MYOB's view on this.


Thanks in advance.  Please vote if you agree!


"Employee Cards - Please introduce the option to have a Start Date Column in list summary"

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START DATE IS IMPORTANT IN CUSTOMISING THE EMPLOYEE CARDS - Termination date is already in the list but the start date is missing.


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Please MYOB this would seem to be a needed tool in reporting for your clients

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This would be extremely helpful, and I don't understand why it is not there as a standard option

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Very helpfule for JobMaker applications

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Wish I could vote more than once for this. Only workaround we've found so far is to export cards but doing that on a regular basis is tedious when all the information is right there.


*** while also wondering why I bother to vote at all...

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Start Date column will make huge difference.

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I can see the orignal post is from 2018 - seems we still don't have this column available.  The start date is very important for many HR purposes.  Unless I missing something I can't see an this has been considered?