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Inventory: Ability to enter and track serial numbers for items

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To whom it may concern,


In our business we receive a purchase order and some orders will have a serial no for that unit.  It would be very helpful if there was a section on MYOB that you could keep a record of the serial no's and then allocate them to a Sale when purchased by the consumer, save time and effort on stock books.  Look forward to your response.


Also when printing invoices off at the end of the month, it would be better to have them printing off in alphabetic rather than in invoice number dates


"Stock Serial Number for AccountRight Live"

*Edit - Adjusted Idea's name to make it more relevant.

Current Status: Open
Last Changed: October 2013

Great idea. Anyone who would like to see specific numbers saved for items, please vote for this suggestion.

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My company specialises in IT, we sell lots of expensive computer related products and enter most serial numbers for Servers, Workstations, Notebooks, Firewalls, Switches, WAN accelerators etc on purchase orders and customer invoices for warranty purposes. Some way of being able to record serial numbers easily from either barcode scanning or manual entry, and a way of searching on those serial numbers would be invaluable. No rush, it's just something i have wanted since 1993.

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Great idea. Anyone who would like to see specific numbers saved for items, please vote for this suggestion.
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Hi Liam



The reference you give refers to Live Accounts - can you use your good office to ensure that this is also referred to the account Right team?



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Will do Ron, I believe the client was referring to AccountRight Live.




Jason Hill
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I voted because I presume that this would also apply to AccountRight Products.

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Vote for this - I want it in AccountRight Enterprise - Really I shouldn't have to be voting though because it is meant to be an enterprise peice of software anyway!

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I would also like to see this in AccountRight (Live). An end-to-end solution is preferable, ie encompassing purchases, inventory and sales.


Ideally, costs would be held against each serial number, and applied in cost of sales. (I know how much I am asking here...), but if it makes it easier to get the project off the ground, qty tracking only is fine for stage 1.

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You would think this should already be in place as it is not much of a code change. But hey we live in hope!

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Thanks for the feedback and showing your support by voting for this idea

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Re Accountright

Hi, Is it possible to update the inventory modules to allow for insertion of invdividual product serial numbers when entering purchases and sales (not just by inventory sales).  This would allow easier tracking for client purpose and make stocktake far more efficient.