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Inventory: Set Item Prices - Increase by a percentage ( % )

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As I understand things currently to do a % price increase across all Items requires export of Item data as a txt file, make adjustments to prices in Excel, then re Import back into MYOB. This is quite complex for many users and from my experience not a smooth, simple or seemless process. I experienced data errors and required considerable time and support from MYOB suport staff. MYOB should have a price adhjustment "Wizard" to manage this process which is a common requirement in any accounting system and handled far better by other Desktop based accounting software packages. (eg. Pastel Partner/Sage). 


"Increase prices for all items by a %.'

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That's right. The monthly fee we have to pay should give us a lot more functions particularly with the inventory. There isn't even a percent margin shown anywhere and there is no notification of a cost increase and automatic price increase as a result. My old MS-Dos program had all these features!