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MYOB Invoices (app): Ability to record quotes

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Why can't we do quotes through the On The Go App?


We have a service business that provides quotes which we then change to orders when the customer has decided to go ahead. It is only when the job is complete we change it to an invoice.


Currently (for us) the On The Go app is only good for looking up customer details and nothing else.


The app needs to have the option of quoting!


I can't even view any quotes or orders already in the system- I can only view invoices, is there any point to that?


 "on the go app quotes"

Current Status: Done
Last Changed: September 2018

Hi Everyone

With the release of AccountRight 2018.2, you will be able to generate quotes from the MYOB Invoices app. You can find out more information on this update from AccountRight Blog Article: AccountRight 2018.2 now available

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Currently Customer Quotes and Quotes are not available in On The Go. You might like to ask for sales quotes to be added, in a future update.

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I know how to create an invoice using on the go but it would be great if we could also do a quote or if after a phone call from a customer, change a quote to an order then take payment (deposit)


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Thank you for your suggestion @Leanne49 


On The Go being a young product, our development team are looking into adding more features in the future. Being able to create quotes would definitely be a quite useful function, I would encourage users who wish to see this function to cast your vote and/or leave your comments.

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I totally agree! I purchased myob on the go monthly subscription for this  sole purpose yet it is usuless for what i need it for!!

And i get a robot answer in conclusion

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On the go being a young.......bla bla


How long has myob been doing this for?

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I also run a service business and not being able to do quotes on the run with On The Go extremely disappointing. If this was added it would make the app very worthwhile and would streamline my business!!

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Hi @Joshrichardson

Thank you for your feedback in regards to this particular idea and voting for it.

Currently MYOB OnTheGo app has been focused on delivery a service where you can invoice your customers while on the go. This idea has been suggested to expand the features available to allow for MYOB OnTheGo to do quotes. At this stage the idea has been marked as Under Consideration and we are looking into ways in which this can be added to the app. However we are still encouraging user to vote and comment for this particular idea.

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Thank you for your thoughts in regards to this idea. I have shared your thoughts in regards to this idea with the team.


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Quoting is vital to make this app useful.

All our jobs are quoted, changed to orders and then converted to invoices.


The only way this can be of any use is if we can look up the register of quotes and orders, so we can convert them when the jobs are finished.


Please make this a priority.  This is the functionality available with other software packages and you really need to keep up with the competition.

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Yes please - vital for most businesses - most of my client won't use On the Go because they don't want their staff doing invoices out on the road. An order or quote is a crucial checking step in workflow.