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MYOB Invoices (app): Ability to record quotes

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Why can't we do quotes through the On The Go App?


We have a service business that provides quotes which we then change to orders when the customer has decided to go ahead. It is only when the job is complete we change it to an invoice.


Currently (for us) the On The Go app is only good for looking up customer details and nothing else.


The app needs to have the option of quoting!


I can't even view any quotes or orders already in the system- I can only view invoices, is there any point to that?


 "on the go app quotes"

Current Status: Done
Last Changed: September 2018

Hi Everyone

With the release of AccountRight 2018.2, you will be able to generate quotes from the MYOB Invoices app. You can find out more information on this update from AccountRight Blog Article: AccountRight 2018.2 now available

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 Hi @WFM & @jenniek

Thank you both for your feedback in regards to this particular idea. I've shared your comments with the team.

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Hi I would like to also ask for Sales Orders to be an option within the On the Go app.  


This app need not only be a cashflow tool to facilitate payments (which we don't even have in NZ yet anyway), but it could be hugely powerful as a tool which enables salespeople on the road to take orders for processing back at the office or warehouse.  At the moment they are looking at an add on which will - at best - cost 2.5 times the cost of the ARLive subscription, just to have the ability to select order rather than invoice.  I think this is a no brainer for On the Go, and I have several clients with workers on the road who would greatly appreciate this function.  



Thanks  Smiley Happy


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Hi @Maria_Mullane


Thank you for your feedback in regards to MYOB OnToGo.

We certain see potential for the MYOB OnTheGo app and how it can benefit a large number of clients, the ability to add in quotes and orders is something that we placed under consideration with this idea. At this stage we don't have a time frame for this idea but having said that, thank you for your comments and voting for this idea.

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We would also love to be able to do quotes on the go. It would enable my work to be much more efficient.

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Hi @SMS2


Thank you for sharing your feedback on this idea.

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Hi There,


I was advised to submite this as an idea via the dev support emails.


Hi There,


I have sent this enquiry to developers but i thought i may get a response here aswell.


I would like to know if the feature to create "New Orders" can be implemented?


Currently we are able to create invoices on the go with default card layouts assigned, But i would like to be able to create orders, the reason for this, is when i deal with my clients they place orders and at a latter stage raise PO and sometimes order more things that i deliver. which i then invoice to there accounts departments at a later stage. I also dont have all items in stock as i may have aquired them in the day, so i would like to essential use the Create Order as a packing slip. Currently i use packing slip books to do this. but this is very old school method which i would like to move on from.


I would also like to know if there is any future plans to add Item list to possible view part numbers and stock levels. 


I believe these things can greatly improve the functionailty of this mobile applcation.


Kind Regards,

Daniel Surace

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Hi @DanielSurace


Thank for your feedback in regards to MYOB OnTheGo

I've merged your idea with this similar one already included on the AccountRight Idea Exchange.

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There has been lots of comments back from MYOB that this is a great idea and developers are working on it- when will is actually be implemented - this was promised to be the next stage to On the Go. It seems to take a year or more to get things actually implemented.


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This is holding me back from using On the Go at all. I do carry a reasonable amount of stock onsite but also always have some items that need to be ordered. The app doesn't allow this atm. I need to be able to mark some items as 'backordered' when I am onsite even if there is inventory at base.


Also to add discounts/shipping

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it would be good if we could even just view the Quotes that were already created in MYOB in On The Go. At least this way, if I get a call from a client while I'm on the road, I can see the Quote on my phone... For now.. But Quoting on the go would be great.