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Need help - Recurring Transactions - Error: Validation Exception




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Hi there.


We can't save Recurring Transactions.  Whether they are existing ones that have been changed or brand new ones, when we try to Save, we get an error message pop up - it just says Validation Exception.


I've toggled the 'Warn if jobs are not assigned to all transactions' button off and restarted the program.  Still get the same error.


I've tried starting a new transaction to save as Recurring.  Same error message.


I've tried clearing the cache.  Same error message.


What are the next instructions to try?


Thank you.

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i have had the same problem for ages, i gave up and had to retype an invoice with over 40 transaction lines. i will not save as recurring. i have also tried all the work arounds.... job, freight, and cache and it still does not work. this surely should habve been fixed by now because my initial query was probaly 2 years ago.