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Reconcile Accounts: Click and drag to select (multiple) tick boxes




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can you please bring back the function that was available in the old versions of MYOB eg Premier v19, whereby you could click and drag the mouse down over the tick boxes in a Bank Reconciliation or when processing payroll? I know the feature to click and select / unselect ALL the tick boxes, but the drag and select feature was really useful for selecting / unselecting groups of transactions in one go. I get so frustrated having to click each single box!!





"Group Ticking of Tick Boxes"

Current Status: Open
Last Changed: September 2013

Great idea - folks vote on this one if you like it!

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yes i experience the same problem ,,  there must be an answer

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Hi Catherine,


I agree it's so time consuming to click each checkbox especially when you have more than 10 boxes to check. I'm absolutely no expert in MYOB or IT but I've stumbled on a little workaround when paying superannuation. All you do is click the first box then press enter or arrow down and then the space bar. The space bar is what checks or unchecks the box. You can do this very quickly as you only use 2 keys on the keyboard. 


Unfortunately, it doesn't work very well when reconciling accounts as the space bar not only ticks the box but also opens the transaction but I'd definitely try it out when paying superannuation. Who knows, it might work in other scenarios too.


Hope that helps. Smiley Happy

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Another round of reconciling.....another round of excessive mouse clicking. Who's with me????? Smiley Happy Still radio silence from MYOB......

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Yes I have commented on this also. The amount we pay monthly and have to click hundreds of boxes to reconcile a monthly account is ridiculous.