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Report: Sales [Customer Detail] - Date Closed

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I found this report the most complete for sales: SALES - Customer - Sales (customer details), but it is still missing one field that it is quite important if you need to create a complete and detailed report.


Most of our clients request to us a report of invoices thay have paid and when were paid.

To provide such a report we always have to do this manually and it is a waste of time.

Also for our internal reporting we do require this field as we need to prepare monthly snapshot of clients monies received.


Could you please add to this report the "DATE CLOSED" field?


I understand maybe won't interest other businesses and you guys think that is not worth your time, but then we should be able to create customised reports, so that any business can create them related to their own business needs.


"Add Date Closed field to Sales [Customer Detail] report"