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Report: Statement of Cash Flow - Include Income and expense accounts

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The statement of cash flow is inadequate as it only includes balance sheet items/ cash in/out flow from investing and financing accounts - not expenses.     The report need to include expenses / income for the specific period ie month by month for a cash flow report as opposed to the budget profit /loss report.


A client is wanting to move away from MYOB to XERO because it doesn''t have that function.   


We have to produce the report by pulling up the banking transactions ie income / expenditure transfer it to a excel spreadsheet and work from there - not ideal at all.


Could this be looked at?


"Cash Flow report"

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I can't believe there aren't more customers wanting the Cash Flow Analysis/Report feature reinstated - how can a business know it's cashflow situation days, months, etc., in advance without it.  It was a feature on every version of MYOB our company has used since 2000 until we upgraded to the new AccountRight version, which we only did because AccountRight v19 wasn't being upgraded and we needed the online version to deal with the ATO re payroll.  

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It's a waste of time, I know, but you could vote for this idea: