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Reports: Ability to directly print from the Index to Reports





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Is there some reason I can not go to a report enter my filter (eg date range) and then send it directly to print (or excel), without having to wait for it to be displayed and then send it to print/excel/email.


If there is no reason for this do you think we can change it?


"Direct Printing"

Current Status: Open
Last Changed: September 2012

Thanks for the feedback, what do others think? Please vote if you like this.

Ultimate Cover User TonyLane
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Ultimate Cover User

I agree.


There should be a 'Print Direct' option available as indicated in the attached image.




MYOB Product Manager Dan_Moulton
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MYOB Product Manager
Thanks for the feedback, what do others think? Please vote if you like this.
Experienced Partner DebraAnderson
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Could we please get the ability to print reports without having to display them first - it's very time consuming and an unnecessary step in many cases.


Having a PRINT button on the front screen where the DISPLAY and EXPORT TO EXCEL buttons are would be ideal.


Thank you

Debra Anderson

Partner kerrie_smith
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I have to agree there.  The little printer icon up the top is hard to locate for newbies, and requires accurate mousing, which slows down operators.  I liked the big Print button on the old versions.