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Sales/Purchases: Description character limit

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Please please please increase the character limit in the tax invoice description to at least 500, or no limit at all.  I have seen a number of requests on the forum for this over the years and am not sure why it has not been changed.

Many of our job descriptions or quote descriptions go over the word limit and I have to break up a paragraph somehow mid-way through, which does not look very professional.

We do not have a $ amount for each line entered, we enter a number of aspects of a job in one line, which all total one amount, and this frequently exhasuts the word limit.

I know I can add a blank line underneath with a $0 figure, but the limit frequently runs out mid-way through a sentence and it is very frustrating having to cut the half of the sentence that I got mid-way through, insert a blank line and paste the sentence in there and then keep going until the limit runs out again - it seems so pointless. 

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"Description character limit"

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We occasionally find that 255 characters ar insufficient for our requirements. Is there any support for an encrease to (say) 500 characters?

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This would be so awesome if the limit was increased,


Sometimes I like to write about the issue, the fix, and the time spent etc. I'm a Technical Consultant and yeah the 255 limit is a bit on the low side. Please increase it Smiley Happy 

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Yes, great idea. We often run out of space

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I'd like to be able to increase the character length of the descriptions in both the item record and the invoice, so that a more detailed desription can be included.


My business sells a few varities of the same item and being able to have a description that looks complete and describes fully would be excellent.


Surely others have the same issue?

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I would also like the option to remove the item field while increasing the description field.  I currently have no need for the item field.

Contributing Cover User Jem
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Yes we would like the description field size to be increased

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We need this too.  My employer uses an item invoice but also needs to put in description of work done, sometimes very lengthly.  It is very frustrating for him.

MYOB can you either increase the permitted field length for Description or allow the user to increase it when they customise the form.  At the moment I can't find where this can be done.




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As a supplier of plants I need more characters so can produce trade list so really hope this can progress

Partner Denise_Cimarosti
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This is real bugbear for my electrician client. After every update the first thing he does is check to see if this has been changed. Please increase the description field limit.

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As a user of MYOB, the description line needs to be able to be expanded another user from the nursery industry.