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Taxable Payments: Sub-contractor details on report

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Okay, I will have over 200 statements to supply as at end June 2013 - currently the only assistance MYOB gives me is a Report of taxable payments with an amount and an ABN number, no name, no address.  These then need to be transferred by hand onto the ATO's form, so I need to find out who's is the correct ABN and complete over 200 statements, sorry I can do nine to a statement according to the sample form provided to the ATO.  So once I have written all these out, there is not even a report available that summaries all the statements, you need to create your own list if you want a summary, or reprint them all and save them in ABN order so you may have some sort of audit trail.


Can you not make available a report that captures all the information, maybe if you could have "Report on Taxable Payments" field available within the card lists that could be a starting point, at least then I could print a list of who has this field active.


Anyway just hope there will be a fix before June 30, I do understand that maybe you need to delay the process until the ATO had formalised the Annual Return, but I did notice that they have available online submission from July 2013, which is when these Returns need to be lodged.


Thanks for listening


"Report of Taxable Payments"

Current Status: Done
Last Changed: August 2013

With the 2013.2 compliance update we have included a greatly improved taxable payments reporting system. You can now print a report that includes the supplier’s name, address and ABN. More importantly AccountRight can now produce a 'TPAR' file which can be submitted to the ATO electronically rather than using the paper report.

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Couldn't agree more.  I do bookkeeping for three clients in the Building & Construction Industry and am going to have 100s of suppliers to process onto the ATO reports. 


I really need to be able to start checking now that all suppliers are correctly tagged and that I have all their address details etc setup.


Surely it isn't that hard to add "Report on Taxable Payments" to the Available Fields in the Card List Detail report so that I can generate my own report.


Thanks for listening.  Really need this sooner rather than later.



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Folks, we are currently working on a feature to generate an electronic file that will be able to be submitted to the ATO in a similar way to which payment summaries are today through the empdupe process. This will be available in an update prior to the end of financial year. This capability will be available both in our Classic platform (currently version 19.8) and also in the Live platform (currently 2013.0). It will not be necessary for you to manually produce the ATO reports.
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Dale, I think it would be useful to release the design specs for this feature, so that people can assess whether it will work for them, because if not (eg they only use Spend Money, or the design doesn't allow selected supplier bills to be excluded), they are likely to have a lot of work ahead of them.

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03 April 2013.  Is there any update on this reporting? We're using AR Plus 19.7.  I've just tried to run the taxable payments report (from Purchases desktop / Print Taxable Payments), and quite honestly, it's a shocker.  No filters, no nothing. 


Not happy Jan.  I'll be setting up a customised report format, at this rate. 




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Is there an update on how this is going?  I actually assumed this would have already been done so got quite a shock when I sat down today (after accountant's reminder to do it) for the first time to see how the report looked. I use account edge v12 & am so not looking forward to writing out a 100 or so suppliers on ATO forms.  When will we get the report including names & addresses? It's only weeks away till EOFY....

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Hi all,

I can provide a bit more information, as we're 2 months closer to the end of year, and release of the full updates for Compliance.

A full taxable payments reporting feature is now included as part of AccountRight Live 2013.1 versions.  This was released last week, so AccountRight Live Standard and AccountRight Live Plus can now file these reports online.


The update for AccountEdge Pro v12 and AccountRight Classic (v19 Plus, Premier and Enterprise) will be coming in June, with the updated 2013-2014 Payroll tax tables, some changes for Payment Summaries for employees with ETP payments, and the major update for the Taxable Payments Reporting feature, which will include the ability to file online and updated printed reports.

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Can we please have the payee's address and phone number included in this report?

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With the 2013.2 compliance update we have included a greatly improved taxable payments reporting system. You can now print a report that includes the supplier’s name, address and ABN. More importantly AccountRight can now produce a 'TPAR' file which can be submitted to the ATO electronically rather than using the paper report.
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A common thing for builders is to run private and commercial jobs. Private jobs are not reportable.

We use myob for both jobs, therefore we have to tick each individual invoice rather than supplier to differentiate reportable vs not reportable. I also use different account codes for private vs commercial expenses.  Could Myob please add the reportable field onto reports such as transactions by account code. The taxable pyt report is great but it's EASY to forget to tick an invoice as reportable and this year to reconcile my taxable report against account code transactions was a nightmare as you have to open each tx to see reportable.


 In addition we are accrual not cash based, so we also validated against accounts payable to try and work out who was 'paid' in financial year. Ultimately we want to reconcile back to subcontractor figures in p&l and be able to explain the difference as cash vs accrual txs or private vs commercial. 


Could you please update report fields in the reports we use to reconcile txs picked up in taxable pyts, so it's easier to find txs we forgot to tick.

 Please include reportable on a account code transaction detail report and job transaction detail report!!



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Also could you please update the individual supplier card to include trading name. Many subcontractors are sole traders and they don't use their individual name on invoices, I find that out with the abn lookup! If I enter individual name so taxable pyt report is correct, when I get their next invoice I only have the trading name and can't recognise the supplier card I set up without checking abn/ emails! That would also save me time!