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User Access: Adjust default user roles





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The ability to distinguish what privileges are given to an employee within each category need to be more detailled like they were in the older versions.


You may want to give someone access to sales to do invoicing only, but not want them to view any reports or be able to create credit notes.


You may want to give limited access in banking, eg spend and receive money transactions or prepare bank deposit but keep them out of reconciliations.


At the moment the user choice is all or nothing.

'Users - Security Settings, Access and Privileges"

Current Status: Done
Last Changed: May 2014

Thanks again for all your comments and votes. We have improved user access controls in AccountRight 2014.2. We hope the new functionality makes business life easier for you.

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Thanks for the feedback. You've provided some good examples of the sorts of controls you need - what other real world examples do people have? And don't forget to Vote if you need this.
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In setting up AR Live I find that, unlike AR Ver19, user access is either all or nothing. I want to provide staff with limited access to banking funtions (bank deposits) and reports but find that they have full access to all banking details. Also, staff with limited access are denied Custom Reports


Is there a way to customise staff access to give them controlled acccess to banking functions and to Custom Reports?


In our case, we need an urgent alternative as our staff now have access to all the business banking functions rather than just the ones needed for day to day operation - eg bank register, bank deposits. Our obnly option seems to be to deny them access but this will prevent them working independently & will give more work to the administrator.


I do not understand why Custom Reports are not available to non-administrators. If these were available we could at least customise the bank reports required by staff.


Ideally, I would love to have the flexibility in setting up user access as in V19 - where multi levels of access could be selected by tick/untick.


Any solutions on the horizon??





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Hi, this is a feature that would be really useful for me.


We are hiring a person to take over some of the administration of our business, and would like them to be able to create invoices, enter contacts & edit item lists. We would prefer our linked bank accounts, reports, wages etc. not to be viewed as it is more information then we would like to share, but at the moment this is not possible. 

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Ouch - didn't realise this was going to be a problem for me until now.  I want someone to be able to access reporting specifically on job number only (eg, job transactions, job P&L) etc, and not be able to enter/change any data, nor have access to bank account info, etc.  Just looked at the "roles" and can't see where this employee is going to fit.

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I have a lot of clients, myself included, who need employees to have further access, without having full access as granted by the roles.


My Clients use this function and find it an absolute necesscity to limit the access certain employees have and would even like it to be more detailed than in previous verison.

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The user access should be the same as previous versions. For account right 2012.9 you can only select very limited access to certian areas within the file. eg setting up user access for an accounts assistant, we dont want her to have access to payroll but access to everything else.  and it just doesnt allow access to account lists. 

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Hi Miss Jade88


Please go to the following link and vote - this is under consideration but the more votes we get the better.  If it doesn't link you correctly just search USER ACCESS under search for ideas (top right) and it will come up - you will see the post already has 20 votes and comments from the moderators.


Kind regards,


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I need to be able to have access for an employee to be able to process Invoices to our clients, but not have any access at all to our payroll information.  The Sales Functions role, contrary to myob's statements, DOES allow access to some payroll information (namely Card File - Contact Log (which i use to enter new payrises etc) and History (which shows how much the employee has received per month/year) and also the payroll chq amounts show in the Find Transactions screen.  

This is not good enough.  we can't allow our employees to see this type of information when all we want them to do is process invoices.

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Also is it possible to supress the bank account balance at the top of the spend money & receive money windows. I have a client who wants their employee to enter transactions but does not want them to know how much money they have in the bank.

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In Ver 19 and previous version access to the job list could be given under Accounts now in version 2012 you are unable the select separate function under the main headings. Which will make the 2012 version unworkable for us until this happens. I would like to be able to set up access rights similar to what I used in Version 19 where a user had access to the Job List, purchases, sales and the card list.