Can't delete the invoice wrongly entered in a closed fiscal year

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Can't delete the invoice wrongly entered in a closed fiscal year

Pls, advice how i can delete the invoice with the date on the present fiscal year that were wrongly entered in the previous closed fiscal year. The problem is, the invoice entered has converted the sales orders with an applied payment of the present or new fiscal year. So i cannot just simply delete the invoice entered nor the payment. 

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Re: Can't delete the invoice wrongly entered in a closed fiscal year

Hi @Rejz77 


Once the financial year has been closed transactions in that financial year would be locked and changed to those transactions wouldn't be able to be actioned.


With that being said, the process of dealing with a deposit based transaction i.e. an order than has been converted into an invoice would be as following:

  1. Go to Setup>>Preferences>>Security
  2. Enable Transactions Can't be Changed, They be Reversed
  3. Open the Invoice
  4. Select Edit>>Reverse Invoice
  5. Ensure the date of that reversal is the in the current financial year
  6. Record the reversal. This will create a credit note for the customer.
  7. Go to Sales>>Sales Register>>Return and Credits
  8. Highlight the required transaction:
    • If the invoice was paid in full with that deposit- click Pay Refund and record the refund of that payment. The transaction would need to be dated in this financial year.

    • If the payment was a deposit, you would use the Pay Refund function to pay the amount of that payment and then use the Apply to Sale to apply the residual amount back to the outstanding invoice. These transactions would need to be dated in the current financial year.

The above process will reverse out what has been done in relation to that transaction and take you back to square one. Where, if necessary, you can re-record the invoice.

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