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Payroll: Roster days off (RDO) Accrual

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It would be great to have RDO accruals in the payroll section.


"RDO Accrual"

Current Status: Open
Last Changed: September 2013

Thanks for the suggestion. Can any other users who would like to see RDOs (Rostered Days Off) please vote for this suggestion.

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MYOB Essentials, REALLY!

RDO's are more common than a tradie having a beer while fishing on a long weekend.  Come on MYOB people, this "little" omission is a pretty ridiculous one, dont really think we need to "Vote" to get this one included.  Dragging out the old excel spreadsheet to track accruals is boring when we have this amazing technology to do it for us.  In my 20 year + as a bookkeeper this is the only accounting package I've seen that doesnt have this an option.  Please, please, please just fix it anyway Smiley Sad

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MYOB it is time to be a serious competitor to  XERO. Xero has sensible, logical and necessary journal features that MYOB acknowledges but does NOTHING except lip service.

This is the 21st Century!!!!! and your competitors are smarter at addressing simple but necessary features

Auto reversing feature for accruals.

Recurring Journal feature.

If you find this too challenging for you then I suggest you shut up shop.

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Excellent idea. don't know why it hasn't been done already

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MYOB please add RDO accurals to MYOB Essentials  - this is an important part of wages for construction industry. Will be looking at alternative products.