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Hi Essentials Team,


Previously from memory - Live Accounts allowed export of to excel for the trial balance.

1) Could we get this feature reinstated for the trial balance for Essentials? Similar to that it would be great if we could get the GL to be exported in excel format as well. This is a heavily used feature for accountants and if all reports could eventually export to excel - we will love the product even more!


In addition to the above, if you could introduce report customisation of:


2) Being able to remove $ symbols and format ZEROs as dashes or just leave it as blank.


3) All Reports to be able to filter out accounts with zero balances so that the reports will be shorter (removes lines with nil balances).


Suggestion 2) and 3) will ensure that we don't go crazy from looking through the reports that come out of MYOB Essentials. Suggestion 1) will make the data much more usable for us in excel.


Thanks - I am happy to take a call if you need me to demonstrate the above.


Steven Ling

03 9894 2500

Saward Dawson Chartered Accountants