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Reports: Unpaid invoices - include partially paid invoices





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Neither the Report in Outstanding Invoices or the Filter for ‘Show Unpaid Invoices’ in the ‘Invoices’ area are showing accurate results. Neither include a) Invoices that have been part paid & still have an amount outstanding b) It does not include Invoices that have been 'Saved' however not emailed or printed – these however do apparently effect the General Ledger, Accounts Receivables & the GST Collected accounts. It’s pretty important a client be able to get accurate information Re: Outstanding Invoices/Debtors – they rely on this kind of information

Suggestion for Solution: Possibly bring back the 'Draft' button & reconfig the 'Saved' as active/live invoice. Have it so the 'Draft' does not effect the GL/AR or GST figures untill it is 'Saved', emailed or printed. You could leave the 'Saved' button & exclude them from the GL/AR/GST results however new clients/start ups will be entering historical data they don’t necessarily need to email or print as they will have already been sent. As this program is likely to have a lot of people with historical data it will cause confustion as it will not report their outstanding invoices correctly.

WHY: this is meant to make things easier for the client (person we are doing bookkeeping for) & these kind of reports are something they like to be able to pull up themselves & be confident that the reports are correct. It would be good to have both the 'Draft' & 'Saved' option so that the 'Draft' does not effect the GL/AR or GST until either  saved, printed or emailed. Love to hear users & MYOB's thoughts/feedback on this. Thanks & Regards Annie


"Request amendment/upgrade to Report functionality for Outstanding Invoices & Filters for 'Show Unpaid Invoices'"

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Hi Annie50,


Thanks for the question and suggested solution. I totally agree that these two reports are going to be used by the SME and professional adviser and we need to get them right. 


We are planning on fixing the reporting defects you mentioned for both the unpaid invoice and unpaid expense reports in a deployment late March.