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AccountRight 2018.4.1 is now available

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Say goodbye to mountains of paper, and move to digital storage of your documents—now you can attach documents like receipts and contracts to your Spend Money transactions and contact cards. Tax time will be easier with all your documents in one place, plus easy reference to those transactions you need to follow up on.


It’s also easier to stay compliant with a new pay run report. The Payrun Activity report helps you catch and fix errors before you record them.


Plus, import-only businesses that pay suppliers in foreign currencies can now upgrade from AccountRight Classic (v19) to AccountRight 2018.4.1! Read below to find out how.  



Payroll enhancements 
Preview your pay run

Now you can preview your pay run and fix any errors before you record it with the Payrun Activity report, reducing the amount of rework and avoiding a knock on the door from the ATO.

This report lists all payroll categories and shows the category totals for all employees on the pay run.

You’ll be able to identify errors including:

  •         Items mapped to the wrong ATO payroll category
  •         Superannuation not mapped at all (therefore reporting 0)
  •         Tax-free items that are not reducing gross amounts

5 payrun activity report.jpg 



Download your payroll report

Download a PDF of your Payroll report from the Payroll Reporting Centre. This new report shows you exactly what you’ve reported to the ATO each time you do a pay run.

You can:

  •         View each employee’s YTD gross payments, tax withheld, allowances, deductions and super liability
  •         View total employer pay run amounts for gross salary or wages and PAYG withholding

Need more info? Check out our Single Touch Payroll reporting help page.

6 download report.jpg



Improvement: To make it easier to check that your report has been accepted by the ATO—and to help everyone remember to do it—we’ve added a button at the end of the Process Payroll wizard that takes you directly to the Payroll Reporting Centre. 



Upgrading for importer businesses

The 2018.4.1 release brings big news for import-only businesses using AccountRight Classic (v19). We’ve improved our upgrade assistant, so now importer businesses can upgrade and move their data over to the new AccountRight.

Once importer businesses have upgraded, here’s what they’ll be able to do in AccountRight 2018.4.1:

  •         Foreign purchase quotes, orders and bills (only item and service layouts are supported) ​
  •         Printing and emailing foreign purchase transactions and remittance advices​
  •         Full inventory tracking for foreign purchases, including receipt of stock off an order (Receive Items) ​
  •         Setting default currencies on supplier card​s
  •         Set global exchange rates from the currency list​ or when entering a purchase
  •         Setting custom exchange rates for a specific transaction​
  •         Create and reconcile a bank account using a foreign currency​
  •         Create spend and receive money transactions using the foreign bank account​
  •         Pay foreign bills and orders and track the realised gain or loss.
  •         Purchase register enhancements (currency grouping, subtotals) ​

There are a few things it doesn’t include yet, and company files that include this unsupported data will have to wait until a future release before they upgrade:

  •         GST on foreign transactions​
  •         Foreign layouts that are NOT item or sales layout​
  •         Foreign general journals​
  •         Foreign sales

Learn more about multi-currency in AccountRight 2018.4.1

Learn how to upgrade from AccountRight Classic (v19)



Revaluing foreign bank account balances

Multi-currency users can now manually revalue the local balance against a foreign bank account, by recording a general journal entry.

Users can now select a foreign bank account in the Record Journal Entry window and process debits and credits against other accounts. This revaluation will only affect the local balances shown for foreign accounts, not the foreign balances.

Automatic revaluation will be coming in a future release. 



Improvement: Now you can select foreign suppliers from the Primary Supplier for Reorders list in the Item Information window. View this list in the Inventory command centre > Items List > double click an item > Buying Details tab.

0 primary supplier.jpg


Fix: Any rounding offset amounts that may occur when applying foreign debit notes to a purchase, are now automatically allocated to the currency gain/loss account. This occurs when the last remaining debit amount is applied to a purchase, which closes off the debit note.


Fix: Rounding off-sets are now handled automatically when you make payments to individual foreign purchase bills or orders. This covers payments using Pay Bills and Apply to Purchase for debit notes.



Build a more efficient and paper free workplace!

If your file is online in 2018.4.1, you'll be able to easily attach receipts and documents to transactions using the Spend Money Attachments window.  ​

You’ll be saying goodbye to mountains of paper files and move to digital storage of your clients’ documents and receipts. The documents are easy to access when you need them the most – making it easier to allocate expenses to the right transactions. ​

Compliance will be more efficient with all your documents in one place, plus you’ll have an easy reference point for those transactions you need to follow up on.  ​

Working with contacts in AccountRight? In this release you’ll also be able to add documents to any contact card. For example, you can add contracts to employee or supplier cards, making them easy to find and helping you build that paper free workplace. ​


Attach documents to Spend Money transactions (online only)

Keep track of your clients’ receipts and documents by attaching them directly to the relevant transaction. Once your files are attached you can view, delete, and download them.

In the Spend Money window, click the new Attachments tab, then simply drag and drop your files or click Add documents to attach them to the transaction.


01 spend money.jpg



Easily find transactions with attachments in your Bank Register (online only)

New attachment icons let you see which transactions have attachments at a glance. Double click the icon to open the attachment window for that transaction.

1 bank register.jpg



Attach documents to your contact cards (online only)

Easily keep track of contact specific documents by saving them directly to the contact card. Open the card, click the new Attachments tab, then drag and drop the document you want to attach or click Add documents. This works for any card type—customer, employee, supplier, or personal.

2 contact card.jpg 



Set jobs for an entire invoice

You asked for it, and we built it. Setting jobs for individual line items can be tedious, but now when you receive an invoice from one of our supplier invoice partners, you can allocate the full list of items to a single job by choosing it from the Set Job drop down menu.

3 set jobs.jpg



Fix: When the preference Warn for duplicate supplier invoice number is turned on, you are warned if the supplier invoice number has already been used when bills are created. Warnings weren’t appearing when bills were created in the In Tray from automatic supplier invoices, but now they are.

Fix: When you receive an invoice from one of our supplier invoice partners, the supplier item numbers from the invoice are now matched to your Supplier Item Number in the Buying Details tab of the Item Information window. Before this release, the supplier item numbers from the invoice were matched to the Item Number in the Profile tab, which could cause problems if multiple suppliers used the same item numbers on their invoices.
4 supplier item number.jpg



Invoice Reminders

If you email directly from AccountRight, you can automatically send reminders to your customers to pay their invoices. Once you've set invoice reminders up, you don't need to be signed into your MYOB software for the reminders to be sent – they're sent automatically.

New: We’ve listened to your feedback and have made some improvements to Invoice Reminders. You’ll have more flexibility to choose which customers receive invoice reminders. This improvement will be turned on before the end of 2018.

Improvement: We’ve added new Reminders sections to the Email Assistant and the Invoice Payment Assistant. New users, or anyone who’s setting up a new file will be guided through setting up reminders.


Friendlier emails

We’ve updated the default messages that are included in your emails when you send invoices, quotes, and orders.

The original default message was a bit… tense. It said: ‘Please contact us immediately if you are unable to detach or download your Invoice.’

Now it says: ‘Hi, your invoice is ready.’

This change only affects the default messages. If you’ve ever edited these messages, your messages will stay as you set them. If you haven’t edited them, then your messages will be updated.

If you’d rather write your own emails, go to Setup > Preferences > Email > Email Defaults.


Take control of your customer terms

Improvement: We’ve updated the default setting for your customer terms for Invoices to help you get paid faster. This won’t change customer terms for existing company files.

When you create a new company file, the new default setting will be ‘Payment is due: In a Given Number of Days’ and the number of days is set to 14.

Before this release, the default setting was Day of Month after EOM, which meant that the number of days before an invoice was due could be anywhere from one day to one month.
Now the world is a little more predictable.

7 in agiven number of days.jpg



Other updates



Fix: In the last update, importing Receive Money transactions via the AccountRight import/export feature would result in an unbalanced transaction error. This only affected New Zealand company files. This has been fixed.

Fix: Before the last update, ticked transactions in the Reconcile Accounts screen were highlighted in purple. In the 2018.3 update, this highlighting effect was missing. Now we’ve put it back.


Keep your version of AccountRight up to date

If you’re using AccountRight 2018.2, you’ll need to update by Monday 14 January 2019. We won’t be supporting this version online after this date.

How to update

If you’re using AccountRight Plus or Premier in Australia, you'll be prompted to update when you open your company file over the next few days, or you can download the AccountRight PC Edition now (subscription required).



Installation tips

  • When installation is complete, you won’t see a confirmation message. You can restart AccountRight immediately after installing the update.
  • Your company file won’t need upgrading, which means computers using 2018.3 can open your file (but you should still install this update on all computers).
  • If you already have Server Edition 2018.3, you will be notified that an update is available, however you can’t install the update directly from AccountRight’s notification window. You’ll need to:
    1. Uninstall your existing 2018.3 release from the server.
    2. Download the full 2018.4.1 Server Edition installer (subscription required)
    3. Install 2018.4.1 on the server.
  • If you need the MSI installer (for example you have terminal server or roaming profile network setup), download it here (subscription required)
  • If you have issues updating, see our troubleshooting guide.