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AccountRight 2019.1 is now available

MYOB Moderator Taelor_R
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Need more options for saving time and getting paid faster? This release includes:


  • Fully customisable invoice reminders.
    Now you have more choice and flexibility in how you remind your customers about their unpaid invoices. This update lets you change the text and frequency of the automated emails you send to customers.
  • Let customers pay multiple invoices at once (coming soon).
    You can already send your customers a full list of their open invoices, but soon those customers will be able to pay multiple invoices at once.
  • Automatically save invoices to your In Tray when you work with other MYOB users.
    If the business you’re working with also uses MYOB software, AccountRight can upload your invoices directly to both of your In Trays and auto-code them for you.
  • Record sales in foreign currencies.
    We now support foreign sales, so the majority of businesses who work with foreign currencies can move online.
  • Finding transactions is quicker and easier.
    The new filter row in the Find Transactions window makes transactions a snap by letting you narrow your search with powerful filters.

Plus speed enhancements, bug fixes, and other helpful improvements.

Get paid faster with more invoicing options
Customise the text and timing of your overdue invoice reminders 

Chasing customers for invoices can be a delicate and time-consuming task. Email reminders lets you send automatic reminders when an invoice is due, saving you time and helping you get paid faster.


This release gives you more control over when you want to send a reminder, and what that reminder says.
Want your reminders to be casual and friendly? Formal and serious? Or just the facts? You can edit the content to match your business style,


Maybe you want to give your customer a gentle reminder two days early, or a stern talking to when payment is a week late? The choice is yours.


Learn more about invoice reminders.


custom reminders.jpg

Keep customers accountable with unpaid invoice summaries

You can now email your customers a monthly summary of their unpaid invoices. From this email your customers can open a full list of their unpaid invoices and check when they’re due.


view unpaid invoices - remidner.jpg

Coming soon - Let customers pay multiple invoices at once

Soon your customers will be able to open a list of their unpaid invoices and pay some or all of them at once.


If you have suppliers who use MYOB software, you’ll be able to do the same with your own unpaid invoices.


The list of unpaid invoices can be opened from either invoice reminder emails or unpaid invoice summaries, and customers will be able to be pay with Visa, Mastercard, AMEX or BPAY.


multiple invoice payment.jpg

Save invoices to your In Tray when you work with other MYOB users.

If the business you’re working with also uses MYOB software, AccountRight can upload your invoices directly to both of your In Trays and auto-code them for you. Just open the invoice and click Link to MYOB. That invoice and all future invoices from the same business will be uploaded directly into your In Tray.

Powerful filtering in the Find Transactions window
Find transactions quickly and easily with the new filter row in the Account, Bill, and Invoice tabs of the Find Transactions window. Just click the filter row and start typing, and the rows will filter automatically.


Can’t remember the precise payee in the memo field? Use a keyword with an asterisk in front of it like *filter to find transactions from all businesses with that word in their name.


Know how much the transaction was worth? Specify a value or range. For example, type >25 to find transactions over $25, or hover over a column header and click the filter icon to set a range.


Looking for a transaction in a specific currency? Specify one or more currencies with the filter on the currency column.


Still too many results? Narrow your results by combining multiple filters at once.


find transactions filter row.jpg

Foreign sales and more multi-currency updates
Exporters can upgrade from AccountRight Classic (v19) If you have a business that exports items and services, we have big news! In 2019.1 you can record foreign sales and take foreign payments, so exporters who are still using AccountRight Classic (v19) can upgrade.

foreign sales.jpg


There are still a few unsupported features that could prevent you from being able to upgrade. This version doesn’t include support for GST on foreign transactions, foreign general journals, foreign credit cards and loans or foreign transactions with unsupported layouts (miscellaneous, time billing, or professional).


Learn more about upgrading from AccountRight Classic (v19) to 2019.1

Learn more about multi-currency and unsupported features


Multi-currency updates

Here’s what we’ve improved for foreign currency transactions:



The Bank Reconciliation Report now displays the balances of foreign bank accounts and individual transactions in their specified foreign currency.



We’ve improved the way AccountRight handles rounding differences due to exchange rate fluctuations. Any rounding offsets from foreign currency transaction payments or debit/credit note settlements will be automatically allocated to the currency gain/loss account.

Find Transactions

The Find Transactions window now shows foreign currency values in the Bill, Account and Invoice tabs.
Plus, we’ve added the filter row to all three tabs, so searching for foreign transactions is quicker and easier. See the Filtering in the Find Transactions window section above for more details.


Multi-currency limitations

With this release, you can show foreign values on quotes, orders, and invoices. But for now there are some important limitations to be aware of:

No online payments on foreign invoices

You can share foreign sales quotes, orders, and invoices online with your customers in their designated currency, but you can’t take online payments on these yet.

Invoices app only shows values in your local currency

Monetary values on foreign quotes, orders and invoices are only displayed in your local currency (AUD or NZD), not in your customer’s designated currency.

Emails from the MYOB Invoices app show the total in your local currency

When you email a foreign quote, order or invoice from the MYOB Invoices App, the body of the email will show the total local currency value (AUD or NZD), rather than the total foreign currency value. You’ll need to remove this manually before you send the email. This doesn’t happen when you send an email directly from AccountRight.

Invoice reminders show the total in your local currency

Emailed reminders will include the total local currency value (AUD or NZD) in the body of the email, rather than the foreign currency value.

Foreign invoices can’t be paid from the unpaid invoices list

The Pay now button is disabled for foreign invoices, and the values are shown in your local currency (AUD or NZD) rather than the customer’s designated foreign currency.

Statements show values in your local currency

Emailed and printed statements only show values in your local currency (AUD or NZD) rather than the customer’s designated foreign currency.

Buckle up - AccountRight just got faster
Summer days are long but your work days shouldn’t be. Our engineers have been hard at work sifting through the AccountRight code and speeding up the parts that need it most. If you work with large company files or transactions with a lot of lines, these fixes could take minutes off tasks that you do every day, multiple times a day. The numbers add up!


Here’s what we’ve sped up:

  • Opening a company file
  • Loading the Sales, Purchase, and Bank Registers
  • Switching tabs in the Find Transactions window
  • Converting a purchase order to a bill and creating a purchase order from a sales order •
  • Importing received payments using the Import and Export assistant
  • Refreshing the Reconcile Accounts window
  • Recording invoices or bills when the preference to check for duplicate invoices or bills is enabled
  • Recording a sale or order from a recurring transaction


Workflow improvements and bug fixes

As always, this release includes some smaller changes and improvements to keep AccountRight running smoothly.

Columns in the bank register are now sortable

Improvement: Click any column headaer in the Bank Register to sort by that column.


Tax Inclusive checkbox

Improvement: When you click the Split button in the Bank Register to open the Receive Money or Spend Money windows, the Tax Inclusive checkbox will remember the setting last you used.

tax incl.jpg

Updating AccountRight for Server Edition users

Improvement: When AccountRight needs to be updated, the message includes a link to the different version installers. The Server Edition is now included in the list .


Printing and previewing purchase forms

Fix: In 2018.4 there was an issue that caused the Sales Amount fields on purchase forms to be blank when printed or print previewed. We’ve fixed this.

Price column printing incorrectly on sales and purchase forms

Fix: In the 2018.3 release a bug caused prices to only show 2 decimal places when printed on a sales or purchase form. Now prices will print up to 6 decimal places.



How to update

You'll be prompted to update when you open your company file over the next few days, or you can download the AccountRight PC Edition now (subscription required).


If you need a different version (Server Edition, MSI, or older versions), you can find it on our AccountRight downloads page.



Installation tips

  • When installation is complete, you won’t see a confirmation message. You can restart AccountRight immediately after installing the update.
  • Your company file won’t need upgrading, which means computers using 2018.4.1 can open your file (but you should still install this update on all computers).
  • If you need the MSI installer (for example you have terminal server or roaming profile network setup), download it here (subscription required).
  • If you need the Server Edition you can download it here (subscription required).
  • If you have issues updating, see our troubleshooting guide.
Experienced User EliasHodkinson
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Experienced User

Waiting patiently for others to upgrade first & to see if there are any crazy bugs.. lol

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Cover User

Good news as we are migrating at EOFY.


Is the Server Edition available as well?

MYOB Moderator Hayden_B
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MYOB Moderator

Hi @boundtoimpress 


In short: Yes, both the PC and Server Edition installers are available on our Downloads Page:




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Unfortunately we are still unable to upgrade the company file due to 'Unsupported' foreign currency transactions.

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Since this update, "Blank Lines" are showing a $0.00 in the GST column when you print, but on the system it shows blank (and if you click on the space, it doesn't give you an option to type anything there). I haven't found anybody who has commented on this bug yet. Is there a solution for this?

MYOB Moderator Hayden_B
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MYOB Moderator

Hi @emmabelfort 


What you describe is a confirmed bug and I can see it on the board for the Developers to fix in a future release.


At this time we don't have a workaround for this. When we release an update to address this, you should see this issue posted on a Blog Post under the fixes & improvements section.


We do apologise for the problems this causes.




Experienced Cover User SharonK
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Experienced Cover User

Hi Hayden


Since the 2019.1 update: when Receiving Payments in Bank Feeds the cursor automatically is on the "Deposit to Account" .  Can we please have the cursor back on the Customer Field ??  like before.  Cheers


MYOB Moderator Hayden_B
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MYOB Moderator

Hi @SharonK 


Just did a test and I can see what you're saying, in 2019.1 the Deposit to Account field is unlocked and as it's the first field it becomes the default field to focus on where it was previously locked in 2018.4 and below which made the Customer Field the first field to focus on.


I do not believe this is a deliberate change and have made sure to write these details down and pass it to the right teams to fix this.


Sorry for the frustration this would cause.


Just as a passing thought to see if this helps, if you operate a computer like me and always have the left-hand on the keyboard toward the right side you might find hitting TAB after the window opens a bit faster than moving the mouse like I did.




Experienced Cover User SharonK
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Experienced Cover User

Pity we have to wait for the next upgrade : (    (need to teach my fingers to press TAB before I start to type the customer name).


These sort of little things should not change from upgrade to upgrade.  Cheers

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I do not use tax tables

Cannot get ridof the reminders which are driving me mad

How do I get rid of them

MYOB Moderator Neil_M
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MYOB Moderator

Hi @gaz 


Are you able to clarify the exact wording of the reminder you are receiving? Generally speaking in product reminders, relating to another aspect of the file, like tax tables typically mean that something hasn’t been finished being setup. Often the best way to get rid of those reminders is to complete whatever they are reminding you about, even if you don’t use that function

Partner AlanT
1,089 Posts

Hi @Neil_M 


This message is a problem when you have selected to display the windows as maximised.  When it comes up it pushes the [OK] and [Cancel] buttons off the bottom of the screen and you are unable to get to them with the mouse.


Laptop and surface Pros in particular have this issue as their screens tend to be smaller and you generally need to display the windows maximised to get everything on the screen.


It is nice to know about the update but if you are not yet ready to update, you should be able to acknowlege the message and have it go away.


It wouldbe very helpful if MYOB was to fix this problem.







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Hi there, 


is anyone else having issues since the upgrade with slow and 'non-responsive' system? Its taken 10 minutes to successfully tick on 4 transactions in my reconciliation screen. It continues to come up with not responding and has crashed twice since I did the upgrade this morning. Very slow. 


Is there any fix on this? Or something I can do on my PC?


Also - when you do the next upgrade can we please have the ability to drag over the transactions in the reconciliation screen back please? (we used to have the function to click and drag down the list of transactions which automatically ticked them on - now we have to click on every single transaction to select it - very time consuming) Thanks! 

2 Posts
Cover User

Great a whole heap of new features that dont work with on premises.....but we have to pay for \0/

Sorry to be negative - but either offer a cheaper option for those of us that use only on prem (because its HEAPS faster than cloud - HEAPS - AND I have fast low latency internet so its not that!!) -  or offer us the SAME features as cloud users.

Ultimate Partner David_Cree
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Ultimate Partner

Hello @emmabelfort and @Hayden_B 


I have a client who is also most upset that $0.00 now shows in the GST column of text lones on their invoices and quotes. 

why should this happen when it did not before. Some while back a similar issue was fixed, now this! Why only in the GST Column?Capture.JPG

Hayden, this need a fix NOW.