AccountRight 2020.1 is now available

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The 2020.1 release of AccountRight offers further bank feeds automation, enhancements to the MYOB Invoices app and In Tray, as well as performance and workflow improvements: 


Auto-payment of bank feeds transactions –– Automatically record payments to invoices and bills that have been automatically approved in your bank feed.   


Create suppliers in the MYOB Invoice app –– If you love working on the go, you’ll love it even more with the ability to view and add suppliers in the MYOB Invoice app. 


Auto Forwarding to the In Tray from Gmail –– Supplier documents sent to your Gmail address can now be automatically forwarded to your In Tray. 


Workflow and performance improvements –– What’s a new release without a bit of fine-tuning? 


Auto-payment of bank feeds transactions  


In AccountRight 2019.4, we added the ability to automatically approve matched transactions in your bank feeds, saving you one more step in bank reconciliation.  


In 2020.1, we take that automation a step further.


You can now set up AccountRight to automatically record payments to those automatically approved invoices and bills. 


This means that if a payment in your bank feed has been automatically matched and approved, AccountRight will now record the payment to it. The type of payment transaction that AccountRight creates depends on the type transaction that has been approved. A Receive Payment transaction is recorded against a customer invoice, a Pay Bills transaction is recorded against a supplier bill.  


So not only is the transaction ready to be reconciled, it’s been closed off too, saving you even more data entry.  


To turn this on, go to the Setup menu > Preferences Banking and select the new preference, Auto-allocate bank transactions to outstanding MYOB invoices or bills: 


Auto allocate.jpg


Note that: 

  • your file needs to be online to use this feature 
  • you also need to select the Auto-approve bank transactions matched to MYOB transactions preference. 


Find out more 

For more information, see Approving a bank feed


Create suppliers in the MYOB Invoice app  


Working on the go is just part of life these days. That’s why the MYOB Invoice app is fast becoming the must-have app for AccountRight users.  


Not only can you create invoices and quotes and manage your customers, but you can now add and view your suppliers too. Contact management has never been easier. 


MYOB Inv app.png


All changes are synced with your online AccountRight file so you’re always working with the latest contact list. 

And it won’t stop here. We have lots more enhancements in the pipeline, so keep your MYOB Invoice app up to date. 


Find out more 

For more information, see Using the MYOB Invoice app 


Auto Forwarding to the In Tray from Gmail  


It’s easy to overlook supplier documents, like bills and receipts, that land in your email. Wouldn’t it be great if you could securely store those documents with your books without you having to lift a finger? 


The security requirements of Gmail have prevented users from setting up automatic forwarding of supplier documents to AccountRight’s In Tray.  


But with AccountRight 2020.1, you can now choose to forward all new attachments, or just certain ones. 


To set this up, enter your MYOB In Tray email address as a forwarding address in Gmail’s settings and send a verification code to In Tray Wait for MYOB to send the verification code back and then enter the code in your

Gmail account settings. 


In Tray Gmail.png


If you only want to forward certain kinds of messages to In Tray, you can create a filter in Gmail for these messages. 


Find out more 

For more information, see Emailing documents to your In Tray. 


Performance improvements 


Sometimes it’s the small things that make the biggest difference. This release includes some small changes and improvements to keep AccountRight running smoothly.  


Location selection in transactions  

Fixed: An issue has been fixed which was preventing some inventory locations being selected in transactions. 


Company file confirmation  

Fixed: We’ve fixed an issue which was preventing some company files being confirmed. 



Fixed: We’ve fixed an issue that was causing some reports to crash. 


Viewing attachments  

Improvement: When viewing attachments, like In Tray documents or spend money and card attachments, they’ll now open in your default PDF viewer.  


How to update 


You'll be prompted to update when you open your company file, or you can download the AccountRight PC Edition now (subscription required).  


If you need a different version (Server Edition, MSI, or older versions), you can find it on the AccountRight downloads page.  


For detailed information about installing the latest version, see Getting the latest version