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AccountRight 2021.1 is now available

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The release of AccountRight 2021.1 will save you time and effort when it comes to how you install and manage your software.

Automatic updates Having to manually install software is so 2020. With automatic updates, your software will update to the latest version in the background without you needing to do anything.

Superannuation status improvements (AU only) We’ve improved how superannuation lodgment status is labeled to make things clearer and prevent overpayment.

Bug fixes and stability improvements As usual, there are plenty of under-the-hood improvements to make your experience using AccountRight better than ever.


Automatic updates for AccountRight

We’ve had feedback from you that the process for updating AccountRight isn’t always easy.


Having to download and manually install updates can be time consuming, especially if you have multiple PCs in your business using AccountRight. We want to keep our promise to deliver you more value more regularly, without creating extra effort for you to manage updates.


AccountRight 2021.1 will check for available updates, download them and update you to the latest version automatically. This means no more having to pick a time to stop your business using the software, downloading and installing the update and upgrading your file. When a new version is available, the next time you open AccountRight it will be on the latest version – just like that!


See here for more information on Automatic updates

Changes for AccountRight server edition users

If you’re using AccountRight Server Edition to share offline files across a network, you’ll need to make sure that all users accessing those files are also using Server Edition, including those workstations accessing the server. This is to make sure that all versions of AccountRight across your network stay the same, since any PC installer versions will automatically update while the server version won’t.


To check if you're using the Server Edition, look for SE in your desktop shortcut description.

Here's an example:

If there's no SE, you're using the PC edition.


Reminder – support for Windows 7

Microsoft discontinued support for Windows 7 on January 4th, 2020. MYOB ended its extended support of AccountRight on Windows 7 on March 31st, 2020.


If you’re using Windows 7, it’s important that you upgrade to a supported operating system to keep your system secure and operating reliably.


For more information, check out the Windows 7 end of support page from Microsoft, or speak to your IT provider. 


Superannuation status for reversed pay runs

We’ve improved the statuses of superannuation payments to make it clearer when a payment has been reversed. Previously, when you reversed a superannuation payment transaction, the status did not update to reflect that the transaction had been reversed. This meant another user might not realise the transaction was reversed and authorise the payment to the fund.




Now, when a payment is reversed, the status will update to Reversal completed, alerting all users that the payment has been reversed to prevent payment being completed.




Now when payments with the following statuses are reversed, the status will change to Reversal completed:

  • Pending authorisation
  • Partial authorisation
  • Payment failed
  • Withdraw failed
  • Reversal required

General improvements and fixes

That’s not all! We have the usual enhancements and fixes to make your experience using AccountRight even better in 2021.1.

  • Job number character limit We’ve extended the character limit for job numbers from 15 to 30 characters
  • Importing and exporting journals in foreign currencies You can now export your foreign currency general journal transactions, extending the functionality of the recent foreign currency general journal release
  • Importing activity slips with decimals in the ‘units’ field This is now supported when a payroll category is allocated (AU only)

Bug fixes and stability improvements No release of AccountRight would be complete without squashing some pesky bugs. We’ve improved support for transactions entered via AccountRight’s browser interface as well as smaller bugs using foreign currencies, printing reports and more. And of course, we’ve given AccountRight further tune ups to make it faster and more reliable than ever. 


API Improvements and fixes

‘Custom list’ endpoints The custom list feature allows you to set up lists of predefined attributes and assign them to your items and contacts to enhance and organise your data. You can now read the custom lists and their values via the API.

If you're using on offline file and access third party apps using the Add-on connector, you'll need to restart the Add-on connector after installing 2021.1. For information on how to do this, see Add-ons.