AccountRight 2021.2.1 is now available

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Important Information for Server Edition users - see here


AccountRight 2021.2.1 has arrived and brings with it a powerful new way to send transaction information to customers using e-invoicing, as well as smaller fixes and enhancements.

This is also the first AccountRight release that will be delivered via the new automatic update experience for PC installer users.

  • Sending e-invoices will be available in AccountRight 2021.2.1 within the web browser interface. This allows the seamless exchange of transaction data between buyers and suppliers with compatible software.

  • Reporting enhancements we’ve removed the date range restrictions on more reports, allowing you to run multi period balance sheet and profit and loss reports across unlimited date ranges.

  • Reminder for Server Edition users if you’re accessing offline company files across a local network using AccountRight Server Edition, you need to make sure that all installations of AccountRight are also the Server Edition version.

As always, we've also included some general improvements and fixes .


Getting AccountRight 2021.2.1

AccountRight 2021.2.1 will be released to all AccountRight users as an automatic update in April 2021. If you use AccountRight Server Edition, you can download the 2021.2.1 installer from my.MYOB: Australia New Zealand.

This automatic update is only available for users of AccountRight 2021.1 PC Edition installer (which is the vast majority of users). If you’re using AccountRight Server Edition, automatic updates will be available for you later this year. For more information on how this impacts AccountRight Server Edition see the Reminder - changes for AccountRight Server Edition users section below.


Sending e-invoices

E-invoicing is a government-backed initiative that allows invoices to be exchanged directly between buyers and sellers’ accounting software. This will not only cut down on manual data entry, but reduces the risk of human error and helps businesses get paid faster.

In AccountRight 2021.2.1, users in both Australia and New Zealand will be able to send e-invoices to customers using the service. Currently, this is mainly government agencies and large businesses, but the network of users is growing continuously.

Find out more about E-invoicing.


Reporting enhancements

We've removed the data range restrictions on more reports in AccountRight 2021.2.1. Now the multi period profit and loss, the multi period balance sheet and the profit and loss (with year to date) reports can be run over unlimited financial year periods provided there’s data available to report. Previously these reports were restricted to being run one year forward or back from the current financial year set in your business.


Reminder - changes for AccountRight Server Edition users

If you’re using AccountRight Server Edition to share offline files across a network, you’ll need to make sure that all users accessing those files are also using Server Edition, including those workstations accessing the server.

This is to make sure that all versions of AccountRight across your network stay the same, since any PC Edition installer versions will automatically update while the server version won’t. Learn more about updating an AccountRight network


General improvements and fixes

We’re always working to make AccountRight faster and more reliable and 2021.2.1 is no exception. We’ve made some further performance optimisations in this version, as well as fixing a couple of bugs that were causing AccountRight to crash when an update was installed in the background.  


API Improvements and fixes

New endpoint alert!
You can now POST to the /{cf_uri}/Purchase/Bill/{Layout}/{PurchaseTxnId}/Attachment endpoint, enabling you to insert bill attachments via the public API as you can with spend money transactions (via the /{cf_uri}/Banking/SpendMoneyTxn/{Spend_Money_UID}/Attachment endpoint).  For more information, head to the MYOB Developer Centre.


If you do have an enquiry relating to this release, do feel free to Start a new Post on the AccountRight: Installing and upgrading Board.  We're sure the MYOB Community and MYOB Support Moderators would be happy to offer assistance in regards to those.