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AccountRight 2021.3 now available

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AccountRight 2021.3 is here, and this release brings some important enhancements and fixes to help make running your business that little bit easier!


e-invoicing improvements
We're continuing to improve the functionality and ease of use of e-invoicing in AccountRight’s browser interface.

Find e-invoices easily: You can now filter your invoice list to show only e-invoices, and there’s an icon to show which of the invoices in the list are e-invoicing enabled.

Improved Tracking: You can now track the status of your e-invoice as it moves through your customer’s accounts payable process. You can see the status on the invoice list, as well as the activity history on the invoice itself. A full list of the statuses can be found on this help page

Note: To see these e-invoice statuses in MYOB, your customer’s software must be enabled to send them.


Payroll improvements (Australia only)
We're rolling out a few changes to provide better coverage in more tax scenarios as well as helping your business make the transition to paying Superannuation at the new rate of 10% from July 1. 

  • ARL - STSL Tax tables: For employers who have employees undertaking higher education and training programs we previously had separate tax scales for FS / HELP / FS + HELP, these have now been combined into one table called STSL.

  • Working Holiday Maker - Not registered Tax scale: For Employers who have not registered for paying working holiday makers, we have added a new tax scale to support Working Holiday Maker - Not registered.

  • Default Superannuation % change from 9.5% to 10%: The Super Guarantee (SG) rate goes from 9.5% to 10% as of July 1, for all new files created post-July 1 we will be defaulting the SG to 10%. For files created before 1 July, you'll need to manually update the SG rate.

Getting AccountRight 2021.3

AccountRight 2021.3 will be released to all AccountRight PC Edition users as an automatic update in June 2021. If you use AccountRight Server Edition, you can download the 2021.3 installer from my.MYOB: Australia | New Zealand. If you download the installer from my.MYOB, make sure you install it on all computers accessing the company file.


Reminder - changes for AccountRight server edition users  

If you’re using AccountRight Server Edition to share offline files across a network, you’ll need to make sure that all users accessing those files are also using Server Edition, including those workstations accessing the server. This is to make sure that all versions of AccountRight across your network stay the same, since any PC installer versions will automatically update while the server version won’t. 

General improvements and fixes

  • Fixed an issue causing documents to sometimes not upload when dragged and dropped from Microsoft Outlook
  • Addressed a bug with some new company files being created with incorrect linked accounts
  • Fixed an issue with Profit and Loss [Cash] not reporting correctly for imported transactions
  • Fixed an issue causing AccountRight to crash when opening
  • Resolved an error when the 'Update Now' button is clicked 

If you do have an enquiry relating to this release, do feel free to Start a new Post on the AccountRight: Installing and upgrading Board.  We're sure the MYOB Community and MYOB Support Moderators would be happy to offer assistance in regards to those