AccountRight 2021.4 is now available

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AccountRight 2021.4 is now available, and this release is all about performance improvements and bug fixes – a bit of mid-winter Spring cleaning never hurt!

We’ve also added a couple of handy features to make life easier when saving invoices to your PC and, for Australian customers, using MYOB direct debit.

What's in this release

  • Implemented the ability to select a form when sending an invoice to disk
  • Added a new Direct Debit Requests button to the Sales command centre that opens a hyperlink to the Direct Debit portal in the user’s default Web browser (Australia only)
  • Resolved a recently introduced issue where receipts incorrectly show as unprinted in Sales > Print Receipts
  • Resolved an issue with Profit and Loss [Cash] report not calculating correctly for imported transactions
  • Resolved an issue where AccountRight was not remembering window sizes and locations from prior versions after being upgraded automatically
  • Resolved an issue where AccountRight was incorrectly removing previous version information after automatically updating
  • Resolved multiple issues with linked accounts on newly created files affecting both Accounting & pay runs (Australia only)
  • Fixed an issue where an error was displayed for some users when processing your first payroll for 2022 financial year (Australia only)
  • Improved handling of employee names on payslips (Australia only).

API / Developer General Improvements and fixes

  • API / Developers: Add Attachment endpoints to the AccountRight SDK
  • Public API / Developers: Added validation on Deposit to account for receive payments transactions.

Getting AccountRight 2021.4

AccountRight 2021.4 will be released to all AccountRight PC Edition users as an automatic update in July 2021. If you use AccountRight Server Edition, you can download the 2021.4 installer from my.MYOB: Australia | New Zealand. If you download the installer from my.MYOB, make sure you install it on all computers accessing the company file.


Reminder - changes for AccountRight server edition users  

If you’re using AccountRight Server Edition to share offline files across a network, you’ll need to make sure that all users accessing those files are also using Server Edition, including those workstations accessing the server. This is to make sure that all versions of AccountRight across your network stay the same, since any PC installer versions will automatically update while the server version won’t. 


If you do have an enquiry relating to this release, do feel free to Start a new Post on the AccountRight: Installing and upgrading Board.  We're sure the MYOB Community and MYOB Support Moderators would be happy to offer assistance in regards to those.

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