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Be a Forum Superhero for $250!

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8 years ago

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Your MYOB knowledge and expertise is your superpower. Now it can help you win $250!


The MYOB Community Forum is a great place to share your MYOB knowledge and tips, especially at this time of year.

And now we want to reward you for contributing and helping out others on the forum. Jump in, earn points, and you could win!


How can I participate? You’ll earn points each time you participate on the Community Forum during the competition period.


You’ll earn:


The more you participate, the more points you’ll earn.


What can I win? Get the most points during the competition period, and you’ll win a $250 gift card! Come second, and you’ll get a $50 gift card. And we’ve got some fun prizes for the most interesting and helpful posts too.


When’s this happening? This competition begins at 9am AEST, 27 June 2016 and ends 9pm AEST, 31 July 2016.


Tell me more! See the attached Terms and Conditions document for all the details of the competition.


And check back here for point leader updates, and we’ll announce the lucky winners on 1 August 2016.


Kind regards,

Suja Pillai
Social Support and Community Manager
MYOB Australia Pty Ltd

Published 8 years ago
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    Hi everyone,


    The Forum Superhero competition has kicked off to a super start!


    With the end of financial year in Australia, we had a massive week here at MYOB. And it's wonderful to see our superheros responding to the call for help from the community!


    A huge thank you to everyone who have generously shared their knowledge, experience and expertise on the forum this week and helped others during this very busy time.


    Super special thanks to our Superheroes of last week!


    Superhero Points Leaderboard at the end of Week 1 of the competition:


    1. CloudMindAcc        216
    2. Leanne_Berry              155
    3. TonyLane                      117
    4. ronatbas                        77
    5. DuncanS                           53
    6. Bandit99                        52

    Look forward to seeing some new superheroes emerging this week! 


    Love Your Work!!


    Suja Pillai

    Social Support and Community Manager
    MYOB Australia Pty Ltd

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    Hi everyone,


    Hope you all had a good weekend.


    We've had yet another busy week on the forum. 


    Superhero Points Leaderboard at the end of Week 2 of the competition:


    1. Leanne_Berry              308
    2. CloudMindAcc        221
    3. TonyLane                     196
    4. Bandit99                      178
    5. bungy15                       146
    6. ronatbas                       109

    It is fantastic to see some fresh heros on the leader board!


    Thank you very much for generously using your superpower and helping the community with your knowledge and experience, during this busy time!


    Special thanks to jenniek, SB_Systems, JohnnnyG and TingSpace for their helpful contributions and for being among the top 10 on the points board.


    With the competition open until 31 July 2016, there is plenty of time for everyone to get involved!


    Hope you all have a super week!


    Love Your Work!


    PS: Don’t forget to check out our blog on our Week 1 leader Renae Petersen ( CloudMindAcc)


    Meet MYOB Community Forum superhero Renae Petersen


    Suja Pillai

    Social Support and Community Manager
    MYOB Australia Pty Ltd

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    Hi everyone,


    Hope everyone had a great weekend. For those of you in Melbourne, I hope you got to enjoy some of the glorious weather we had!


    Superhero Points Leaderboard at the end of Week 3 of the competition:


    1. TonyLane                      378
    2. ronatbas                        218
    3. JenPerram                    217
    4. Leanne_Berry              179
    5. Julie_A_C                      156
    6. CloudMindAcc       100

    Thank you very much once again for spending your valuable time to help our community during this busy time of year. We've had another massive week on the forum. With the Payment Summaries deadline falling during the week, it was fantastic to see so many of our partners rising to the challenge and helping us support our customers.


    Thank you also to bungy15, jenniek, Mike_James and DuncanS for their help last week. We really appreciate you sharing your expetise with the community.


    Below is a sample of some of the thank yous that our Superheroes have received for their helpful responses:


    TonyLane- 'You are a Star! Yes, that worked, we now have Re 19.1.8A and we can send invoices via email again! A HUGE THANK YOU!'


    ronatbas - 'Thankyou very much for your reply, it was very well explained, easily understandable for one who is not very  exprienced.Smiley Happy'


    JenPerram - 'Thank you @JenPerram, helps alot.'


    Leanne_Berry - 'Awesome! fixed it now. Thanks a lot!'


    Julie_A_C - 'Thanks Julie, I actually had a look on the ATO website for the forms but couldn't find, so thanks so much for your help!!'


    CloudMindAcc - 'Hi Renae, Thank you for your help, worked well.'


    With just two more weeks left in the competition (closes on 31 July 2016) and with the flurry of EOFY activities slowing down (a little) I hope we see an increase in participation from our generous partners.


    As always, Love Your Work!


    Suja Pillai
    Social Support and Community Manager
    MYOB Australia Pty Ltd

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    Hi all,


    Superhero Points Leaderboard at the end of Week 4 of the competition:


    1. TonyLane                  176
    2. ronatbas                    162
    3. JenPerram                131
    4. jenniek                       100
    5. Julie_A_C                   99
    6. Mike_James               69


    Hope your week has kicked off to a good start.


    We're on the very LAST WEEK of the Forum Superhero competition! Thank you very much for your participation thus far. I look forward to seeing a mad rush by everyone to be the ultimate winner of the competition! :)


    And remember, apart from the two major prizes we will also be giving away five minor prizes! These will be judged as follows:


    1. most interesting Post;
    2. most helpful Post;
    3. best Post by a new member;
    4. post with most kudos; and
    5. new member with most kudos.

    So even if you're falling a bit short on points for winning the grand prize, you still have a chance to be a superhero and win a prize in the very first Forum Superhero competition!


    Happy posting!!!


    Social Support and Community Manager
    MYOB Australia Pty Ltd