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AccountRight 2020.4 is now available

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4 years ago

Note: As with all our releases, this release will be progressively rolled out over the next week.


AccountRight 2020.4 promises to be one of our biggest releases yet, giving you access to an entirely new way to work with AccountRight, along with further enhancements to reporting, multi-currency and more.  

Access AccountRight via a web browser You can now access your online AccountRight files through a web browser interface, giving you the best of AccountRight anywhere on any internet-connected device.  

Pass online invoicing card transaction fees to customers When your customers pay you with debit or credit cards using online invoice payments, you can pass along the 1.8% card transaction fee to them. And, we've made reconciliation of online invoicing payments easier.


Multi-currency enhancements We've made more improvements for users working in multiple currencies. You can now create general journals for more account types and we now support foreign currency remittance advices.  

Reporting improvements We've removed date range restrictions, allowing you to run key reports across an unlimited period.

Bug fixes and stability improvements We’ve continued the stability and performance focus from AccountRight 2020.3 into this release, with further crash and bug fixes making this release even more reliable and easy to use. 


Access your AccountRight file via your web browser

You can now access your online AccountRight file via your web browser. This allows you to perform your most common tasks from any online device, including mobile and tablet devices.

Send an invoice on site, code your bank transactions on the train, check your business performance in the coffee queue – browser access for AccountRight brings new levels of flexibility to the power of the AccountRight platform.

Find out more about working with AccountRight in your browser


NOTE: Only online files with a current subscription can be accessed from your web browser. This feature will be available from 2 December 2020.



Online invoice payments (Australia only)

2020.4 is a big release for online invoice payments users, with the top two feature requests making their way to AccountRight.  

Pass on card transaction fees (surcharging)

In AccountRight 2020.4, you can pass along the 1.8% card transaction fee to your customers. The surcharge will be added to the invoice total and settled to your account after payment. Surcharging is only applicable to invoices paid with credit or debit cards (AMEX, Mastercard and Visa). BPAY fees cannot be passed on.

Easier payments reconciliation

When funds from online invoice payments are settled into your account, AccountRight can automatically create a bank deposit transaction and clear the corresponding transactions from undeposited funds. This will save considerable time previously spent allocating the settlement amount to the individual payments.



Multi-currency improvements

This release improves the functionality of foreign currency general journals, introduced in AccountRight 2020.3:

  • You can now post general journals in foreign currencies to other asset and other liability account types (this was previously limited to bank and credit card accounts)
  • Foreign currency remittance advice is now supported for pay bills and spend money transactions.

Reporting improvements

AccountRight 2020.4 builds on the previous release by removing date range restrictions on more key reports, allowing you to run reports across unlimited periods that would have previously required you to restore a backup of that financial year.

  • You can now run the profit and loss statement and balance sheet reports across unlimited periods.
  • The date restrictions on the ‘send to accountant’ (.MYE export) functionality have also been removed.
  • Exporting the profit and loss and balance sheet reports to Microsoft Excel has been improved, providing better formatting within the workbook.


Defect and crash fixes

We improved stability in AccountRight 2020.3 by over 60% and we’re continuing this focus with further crash and bug fixes, making 2020.4 the most reliable release yet.  

  • When importing activity slips with decimals in the unit column, the payroll category wasn’t importing correctly. This has been resolved.
  • Fixed display issues with longer item numbers
  • We’ve also fixed the most common crashes that happened when
    • Processing payroll
    • Adding/removing attachments to transactions
    • Resizing or closing multiple windows.

API Improvements and fixes 

New BalanceSheetSummary endpoint

API users currently call the {cf_uri}/GeneralLedger/AccountRegister endpoint to retrieve the data they require from ARL to calculate an Account Balance which carries a number of limitations, particularly around dates. These limitations required manual calculation work which is cumbersome and can be inaccurate.

The new BalanceSheetSummary endpoint allows users of the API to quickly and easily retrieve account balances for balance sheet accounts as at a date for postable accounts. This endpoint will return accrual balances.

API bugfixes

  • The incorrect order type was being returned from Sales and Purchases when performing a GET on the Sales Order and Purchase Order endpoints.
  • The default Price Level field in the Company Preferences endpoint was returning an incorrect value.
  • The Item Price Matrix endpoint was returning a 404 not found when retrieving items that were created using the API.
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