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Changes to our Idea Exchange pages

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7 years ago

We love the way you’ve been using our Idea Exchange boards to suggest, discuss and vote on what you’d like to see in MYOB products. Recently, we’ve taken a close look at this space, and found a few things we can improve and ways to make things clearer for you.


New status names


The biggest change we’re making is an update to the idea statuses. This will make it clearer where each idea sits in the workflow. Here’s what the new statuses mean:


  • New - Default status when a new idea is submitted
  • Open – We’ve reviewed the idea, it meets our submission criteria* and it’s open to the community for feedback and votes. This status replaces ‘Under Consideration’
  • Coming soon – We are actively working on the idea. This is a combined status replacing ‘Planned’ and ‘In Development’.
  • Done – The feature has been added to the program, replacing ‘Implemented’.
  • Not Now – We hope to deliver this in the future, but it won't make it into the product in the next 12 months. 
  • Not Likely -  This idea doesn't fit with where the product is headed and is not being considered for development. This replaces ‘Maybe Later’.
  • Archived – Where an idea has had little or no support from the community. This is a new status.

*Submission criteria – The idea is not a duplicate, it’s not an issue or bug in the product, is not already in the product and is for the relevant product (AccountRight/MYOB Essentials)


As a part of this process, some status names – Needs Clarification, Already in Product and Duplicate – will be removed and ideas with these statuses will be moved to our main community boards or merged with existing ideas.


Prioritising ideas

As much as we’d like to add every good suggestion to our software, we’re simply unable to, because there are just so many!


So, how do we decide? Before committing to develop an idea, we consider how much demand there is for the feature, how complex it is and what resources we need, and any negative impact it might have. We also listen to client and partner feedback and take into account any commercial implications for us.


At MYOB we follow an agile development process when building our software. This means that we constantly adapt to meet changing needs and requests, as we work towards a world class solution. Sometimes this means that enhancements we’d planned to work on may be pushed down the list of priorities.


By voting on ideas, you’re helping our developers to measure demand for a feature. But the number of votes isn’t the only factor we consider when prioritising suggestions, and the number of votes on an idea doesn’t necessarily push the idea up our priority list.


General housekeeping


  • Got an idea? Please check to see if your idea has already been submitted. If so, please vote to show your support, rather than create a new one.
  • Got multiple ideas? Please post them as separate ideas.

Status Updates

We’ll update the idea status when we have something new to add. To avoid repeating ourselves, we only post updates if there’s something new to share. 


You will start seeing changes in the next few weeks. We hope it clears up the feature suggestion process. Do let us know if you have any questions around any of this.


Suja Pillai
Social Support and Community Manager
MYOB Australia Pty Ltd

Updated 6 years ago
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    Experienced Cover User

    I would have more faith in this change if the items that users consider to be bugs were also considered bugs by MYOB instead of possible enhancements (ie features that were available in v19 not available in cloud version when we were told that we would not lose any functionality by transferring). Looking forward to seeing the status of "emailing receipts" change to "done" or at the very least "coming soon". One can only hope...


    Mostly, I think the idea exchange is a waste of time and resources yet somehow I keep logging in to see if there is any progress.

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    It seems fine to add ideas or suggestion to the ideas for change page, there are some ideas which are fundamental to accounting ideas and there is no time frame attached to when the change will occur. I looked at a request to for change today and it was from 2013. Seven years to consider a change seems a little lengthy.


    It would be better to have a dashboard of all the ideas then the user can see if their Idea is on the list and how long it has been on that list. This will also allow members to realise how likely the idea is to come to fruition.

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    Former Staff

    Hi sholt73,


    Thank you for your post and a very warm welcome to the MYOB Community Forum! Great to have a new memnber taking so much interest in our forum, and spending time helping our forum members. :)


    I completely agree with your comment regarding the Forum Help articles needing an update. I've since made the changes at our end, they should update overnight. While on the topic - we're in the process of doing an overhaul of the entire Forum Help space, so you'll soon see more updated information in this space.


    I'm always keen to hear feedback and suggestions from our community, so please don't hesitate to reach out to me via a private message on the forum or email


    Hope to see more of you on our forum. 


    Social Support and Community Manager
    MYOB Australia Pty Ltd

  • good to see. I'll most likely take you up on that offer for feedback if I find some other things.

  • Reportings


    I've been using Ace Payroll and find the reporting more detailed than MYOB Essentials.


    Though the ease of use for MYOB where you can log in using any device is a good feature, the pdf files with no capability to play with reportings is a big turn off for the online software.


    Example: the 80% gross for wage subsidy computation is handy for ace payroll and for essentials, had to compute it manually.


    even leaves accrued is auto compute in ace based on days they work and this isnt avail in essentials too.