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Forum weekly update #98

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10 years ago

Hi all,


I hope you have read the latest instalment in our Getting to Know series of interviews with top contributors to the Community Forum.


Dee.JPGThis month we chat to Dee Workman, one of the most prolific Partners on the Community in recent months. Dee has helped hundreds of other Community members by generously sharing her expertise.


If you haven’t yet read the interview, I’d encourage you all to read it now. I think Dee’s “have a go” philosophy and her passion for helping small businesses is really inspiring.


Speaking of inspiring, I would also encourage you all to check out the new Love Your Work section of our website. It’s a celebration of people who took the leap to do what they love. Hopefully you’ll recognise some of the faces from our advertising campaign that’s running at present.


The stories are fantastic examples of the passion that many small business owners feel about their work. They include burrito maker Ivan Zarezkij, sourdough breadmaker David Allen and Boost Juice’s Narelle Hall. There’s also Fab Sfameni, a third-generation Sicilian barber who stars in the wonderful Dr Mo television ad.


And while we're talking moustaches, MYOB is again assembling a crew of Mo Bros and Mo Sistas to look stupid for a great cause. I’ll again be sporting a furry lip as I think Movember is a fantastic way to raise awareness of men’s health issues and raise important funds to help tackle cancer and improve mental health outcomes.


Another busy week on the Community Forum has seen over 1100 posts submitted, including over 400 from MYOB staff. We also welcomed over 300 new members. Great to have you all join us!


Our top contributors this week were AlanT, PaulBihet, Dee-Workman, Mike_James and DuncanS. Many thanks for all your hard work assisting other community members. Extra thanks to AlanT, Dee-Workman, David_Cree, PaulBihet, PaulH and The_Doc who all had multiple posts marked as Solutions.


Thank you to all those community members who have recently shared their expertise on the Community Forum. Please let me know if you ever need any assistance in getting the most from the forum.


Love your work,


Jason Hill

Community Manager 

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