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New User? First post guide

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3 years ago

Hi Everyone


We know that posting your first post on a Community Forum can be a daunting experience so we have deployed the following guide to get you started.


Firstly welcome to this MYOB Community Forum! We hope you do find this Forum useful. This Community Forum is made up of MYOB Partners, other users, and MYOB Support Moderators. So do feel free to ask your queries I'm sure the MYOB Community would be happy to assist.


Registering into the Forum:

To interact with the Forum you do need to be registered and logged in. The good news is that it's super easy to register and get started:

  1. Select Sign In (top right of the Forum)
  2. Log in with your my.MYOB account details. Don't have a my.MYOB account? Select Sign up to MYOB.
  3. Decide on your Forum username. Avoid personal or confidential information such as your product serial number.
  4. Select Submit

You are all ready to go with your Forum profile! 


Searching the Forum:

Once you have signed up for the Forum you might like to search for your query to see if it's been asked by others and if there is a current solution for it. To use the Search option on the Community Homepage - give the search option some keywords of your query before selecting the Search button.


Your first post:

You might decide to dive right in with your first post. To do this:

  1. Select Start a Post (top right)
  2. Decide on a Subject - Give a meaningful description of your query. The Forum will automatically search posts to see if the same topic is already been asked and provide potential suggested posts
  3. Decide on which board to post your query - Ensure it's a board relative to your product and query
  4. Start writing your post. Be as descriptive as possible
  5. When ready select Post

Congratulations, first post (hopefully of many) done!


Accepted Solutions & Kudos

When you get a reply from the Forum that resolves the situation select the Accept Solution button next to that post. This ensures that others can quickly find the solution in the Future. Like the reply but isn't the solution? Tap that kudos button to show your appreciation.

Should you have any queries relating to the Forum do check out the Forum Help. Alternatively, don't hesitate to post on the Forum. I'm sure the MYOB Community would be happy to assist.

Updated 3 years ago
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