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10 years ago

Hi all,


I'd like to start my very first post on the MYOB Community Blog and the first Community Blog for the year 2015 by saying a BIG thank you to everyone for your contributions to the Community Forum. Hope you all had a good break and are rearing to take on the new year and everything that it has to offer. 


I'd like to take this opportunity to thank our top contributors for the year. Our Top 10 were - ronatbas, The_Doc, TonyLane, jenniek, CloudMindAcc, Mike_James, PaulBihet, Geoff_, Dee-Workman, Julie_A_C


Would also like to thank GDK, Nic-acc-addons, DuncanS, AlanT, PHalls, gavin12345 and David_Cree for making over 100 posts during the year.


Special thanks to Dee-Workman, AlanT, GDK, Geoff_, jenniek, PaulBihet, gavin12345, Julie_A_C, ronatbas, DuncanS and Mike_James for their contributions during the holiday season.


We really appreciate you spending your valuable time assisting others.   


Finally I'd like to thank our former online community manager, JasonHill for his tireless efforts which have been a major contributor to the great success of this community. It was an absolute honour and pleasure to work with you Jason. Love Your Work. Jason has moved on to his new venture and I wish him all the very best in everything. 


As the new Social Support Manager. I hope to be able to facilitate the continued growth of the community. Please do let me know if you need any help with getting the most out of the community or have any suggestions on how we can further improve the forum.

I'm really excited about all the new products and services we at MYOB have in development and the upgrades and enhancements that we have planned for release in this year. Keep an eye out for the AccountRight and Essentials blogs for more information.


Here's looking forward to a great new year.

Love your work!           


Suja Pillai
Social Support Manager
MYOB Australia Pty Ltd

Published 10 years ago
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