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5 years ago

Reports - Client List by Parent Code

We often need to run a report listing parent codes in the database. At the moment, our report prints a parent code for every Client Contact in the database so if a client group has 3 entities for example, the parent code prints 3 times or another template version we have is the parent code is printed and then every entity is listed underneath. tis makes it a very large report.


Is there a way to print just the parent codes in the database? So just one listed for every client group?

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  • We have one we use, we have grouped by the parent and then included nothing in the details part of the report, so it just gives the heading from the group (the parent) I have attached an export of the format which you are welcome to use, you just need to import the format into practice manager. Its in a zip file as unfortunately you cannot post the myob report format (.rpt) to these forum, which is a little strange given is the format myob use for the reports templates. Any issues just let me know