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19 days ago

Errors in Posting

We have found some some strange things in our accounts. Part of some sale and purchase invoices has been added to an opening stock account. I am not sure on how to correct this. I attach a copy of an invoice and the journal created. The invoice is the first one seen in the journal. There are several others (not uploaded) both in purchases and sales

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  • Hi EESA 


    I take it account 5-2100 is the linked Cost of Sales account on the Item profile?


    If yes, I have see this before. Don't recall exactly the circumstances. Normally MYOB posts the full value of the purchase to the Asset account. However in some instances in order to get the correct value into the asset account, part of the purchase is pushed directly to the Cost of Sales account. It had something to do with an adjustment or edit or reversal on a previous transaction for the same Item. It seemed MYOB kept a record of a shortfall and made an adjustment with the next purchase of that item. When I examined the figures closely, this unusual posting for the purchase did in fact give the correct outcome - I don't often say this about MYOB and inventory. I would suggest no further action required.


    MYOB have since fixed the situation that caused this to happen and I won't expect this to occur in any transaction processed in the current version AR2024.3. I note your transactions are dated Sep 2023.