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3 years ago

Issue with Profit and loss report regarding cost of sales

Hi, I am having issues with my profit and loss report as well as transaction journal. When I send invoice to our customers, in some invoices the cost of sales of the items are not recorded. Because of this, cost of sales for the item is not accurate. And also when I look at acccount transactions for that item's income and cost of sales, Some of the cost of sales of that item are missing. I have been trying to call MYOB support team since last Friday and today as well. It is very big problems as we need to send our report for this month. Can you please give some suggestion ASAp.


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  • Hi Nursang ,

    If you go into one of the transactions and enter a dot on memo and click okay, do Cost of sales appear?



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      Hi Carolina, 


      Cost of sales didnot appear even putting a dot in the memo.


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        Hi Nursang 

        How did you enter these transactions like were they manually entered or imported or do you have a third party app integrated with ARL? is it just for these items? or for all items?. 

        What is your process when these sales were entered?