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2 years ago

Item number character limit?

Hi all


I am trying to troubleshoot why some of my items dont get imported into Accountright.


One thing I am considering is if there is a limit to the amount of numbers that can be in the Item number? The common products I use that dont work have 9 numbers for the Item Number. Could this be a problem?


The group of Items I am having trouble with are all from one particular brand and so all have similar and similar length Item Numbers.



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    Hi ryadre 


    Thank you for your post. The required format for Item Numbers when importing is 30 characters, alphanumeric. If they are longer than 30 characters or have special characters that could be preventing the import. 


    Please refer to our Help article - Import and export fields for more information on that topic.


    Do let me know if you need further help; and if you do need help replying with the import file would help give me more context to the issue.

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