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3 months ago

quoting/sales character limit

Please advise when we create large sales quotes through Acoount right MYOB it  does not allow us to save the added on items.

Does  MYOB have a characher limit as the current quote is  17 pages long?


It dispays something ahs occuered with your MYOB and can not save the documents.


I have to submit tender  on  Monday please help anyone!!!


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    Hi mkapm


    Thanks for posting your concern. 


    Thank you for reaching out. To better understand and resolve your issue, we would need some more details. Could you please provide a screenshot of the error message you're encountering and the diagnostic log of your AccountRight? Any other information that you think might be relevant would also be greatly appreciated.


    You can connect with our virtual assistant, MOCA, for real-time assistance through this link: MOCA is always ready to provide immediate support. MOCA will route you to the support team if it's unable to solve your query. 


    We're eagerly waiting for your response.