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3 years ago

Motor vehicle Purchase with Finance and Trade in

Hi all,


We are purchasing a new Motor Vehicle with a trade in of old + Finance.


i would usually process this as a journal although the dealership requires a tax invoice for the sale.

So i need to change the process - the accountant agrees although isnt familiar with the system.


Entry as follows:

Generate a Tax Invoice for sale of asset.

Pay Invoice for sale of asset via Contra Account. 


Generate a purchase for the new Motor Vehicle

Pay Invoice purchase via Contra Account. 


Contra now has a balance to clear.


Generate Loan journal

CR - MV Finance

DR - Unexpired Interest

DR - Contra Balance (used to pay the trade in sale and new purchase)


This establishes the new loan and clears the contra account.


Set up the monthly re occuring payments as normal.


Is it right to use a contra account in this example? i need to clear the sale and purchase as this is not put through as journal.


Thank you!


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    Thanks for your post. As we're not accountants we're not permitted to advise on the accounts and tax codes required when recording transactions. You will need to speak to your accountant to ensure this is reported correctly.


    Please let me know if you need further help.


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