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2 years ago

Negative Inventory and Auto Build

Good morning, I have two questions.


We are having issues with the Auto-Build Item report, as it will not run and times out. I have been told I may be able to run it off a backup, but when I run a back up I'm unable to open it. 


And negative inventory and auto builds. We are finding that the system is allowing us to build using ordered stock which then puts the on hand quantity into negative. The negative value then throws out ridiculous inventory values. Eg, brand new inventory code, first entry had 21 quantity and value of $2,100.00. 3 days in the autobuild allowed a build using ordered quantity which put on hand into negative and change the opening balance to $156k. Is there any way of turning off the ability for it to use ordered inventory?


Any solutions would be so helpful. 



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    Hi alisonlewis 

    Sorry to see that no one has replied to you yet.


    AccountRight is not designed to allow negative inventory, however, this can happen if the purchase workflow is done out of order. For example, if you had any orders with received items, that had not been converted into bills before the auto-build, then were converted later.


    To fix this error, you would be looking at Making an inventory adjustment to increase the value.