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2 years ago

Inventory - amending Auto-build items



We hold numerous stock items and typically build 5 models of a similar unit from them.

Over the years we have modified these units with newer parts/modifications as they become available.


Recently we were able to buy back a purchase of an older model unit (model 1) from a stockist for us to adapt to one of our other units (model 5) which is in demand and which we are struggling to obtain certain parts for. 


I have entered the purchase of these older units back into stock but I now want to adapt the build to add the different parts required for the new model and most importantly to deduct the parts that are not required. 

These deductions fall into 2 categories... a) parts which we can return to stock and b) parts which can no longer be used and will be discarded.


I can see from the set up of the autobuild option for the Model 5 unit that I can bring the entire older model unit (model 1) into the build and add the newer items onto this - but I am unsure how I can deduct the components within this model 1 build that I want to change as MYOB wont let me post negative item values that are included in this build. 

Does anyone have any ideas as to the best approach of how I would go about building our model 5 units in this way? 





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    2 years ago

    Thanks again Mike for taking the trouble to reply.


    I have just tried this method with a build quantity of one and I can see that it works well.

    My only gripe is where there are different build quantity numbers then you would have to manually enter each line to represent the number of items in that particular build. It works great if you are building one unit at a time and/or there is just one of each item in that build but where these build quantities vary or there are multiples of the same item in the build then I feel this becomes more prone to errors building up the import journal on a manual basis.

    Also, if item component prices vary from purchase to purchase then this will also have a factor ensuring that any manual upload correctly reflects these changes between builds.


    Obsviously, this is a shortcoming in the MYOB package for those of us who need to use the inventory system more extensively, and I appreciate the workaround solutions you have given me to get me over this particular hurdle, but I can only hope that MYOB someday extends this functionality for all users in future versions.



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    Hi microheat , my revised answer as follows:


    I suggest a manual inventory adjustment will achieve what you want, which is to:

    - remove the special purchase of older M1 units from stock

    - add to stock the same qty of newer M5 units at their new cost

    - deduct the qty of any items added to M5 from stock

    - add the qty of any items taken off the older M1 units and returned to stock. 


    So the adjustment would look like this (inventory adjustment account 5-xxxx on every line):

    - Old item code (M1), number purchased as negative, unit cost as per purchase

    - New item code (M5), same number but +ve, unit cost (being the sum of the other lines (ie purchase, plus items added less items taken back to stock) divided by the line qty ). Work out the unit cost after entering all the other lines.

    - Item codes added to M5, -ve qty, current unit cost

    - Item codes retained from old model, +ve qty, unit cost = previous item cost or your estimate 


    Hope this gives you enough to prepare a live example. 

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      Many thanks Mike for taking the time to reply.


      Whilst I gratefully acknowledge that this method works a treat and does exactly what I require (see below to convert x1 unit), I wonder if you know whether there is a way to automate this build rather than via a manual Inventory Adjustment?



      The issue I have is that these will be made in batches and invoiced out at different times, and there may also be further modifications from one unit to another so it would be nice to automate these processes if possible, so that it becomes a simple task of entering in a build quantity and have this update the relevant inventory codes automatically.


      I assume its the negative adjustments which are causing the issues as I need to put items back into stock?


      Any further comments/thoughts would be gratefully appreciated.   


      Kind Regards




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         Hi David ( microheat ), we can't use the autobuild for this due to the negative qty's, as you mentioned. 


        One way to speed things up is to create an inventory adjustment in Excel, save as a workbook for re-use, then save as a text file for import to AccountRight.


        Start with an export of inventory journals from AccountRight to a text file, then open in Excel, keep the top two lines (headings), and fill in a set of transaction lines. Make sure item codes are letter perfect.