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2 years ago

Inventory - amending Auto-build items

Hello,   We hold numerous stock items and typically build 5 models of a similar unit from them. Over the years we have modified these units with newer parts/modifications as they become available....
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    2 years ago

    Thanks again Mike for taking the trouble to reply.


    I have just tried this method with a build quantity of one and I can see that it works well.

    My only gripe is where there are different build quantity numbers then you would have to manually enter each line to represent the number of items in that particular build. It works great if you are building one unit at a time and/or there is just one of each item in that build but where these build quantities vary or there are multiples of the same item in the build then I feel this becomes more prone to errors building up the import journal on a manual basis.

    Also, if item component prices vary from purchase to purchase then this will also have a factor ensuring that any manual upload correctly reflects these changes between builds.


    Obsviously, this is a shortcoming in the MYOB package for those of us who need to use the inventory system more extensively, and I appreciate the workaround solutions you have given me to get me over this particular hurdle, but I can only hope that MYOB someday extends this functionality for all users in future versions.