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2 years ago

MYOB Premier Workstations Licensing

I have called technical support for 3 full days and have been on calls for over 3 hours - I am desperate for help!

My company has been using MYOB Premier for over 15 years we obviously need an upgrade but until then this software has sufficed. 


After verifying my file this year suddenly my Licensed Workstations changed from 3 to 1. Now only one user can log in at the time.


Technical support have no idea what idea what to do and are blaming my server even though it is clearly a MYOB Software issue. Would greatly appreciate any help or advise. Please private message for serial number :) 


  • Hi ryan1234 

    So we can assist with this, can you please send me your serial number and a screenshot of the Help>>About MYOB AccountRight, by Private Message?