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4 days ago

Clients have to have a new serial number

I received a telephone call from MYOB informing me that client data files currently being used in Desktop version Accountright plus need to be moved to a new serial number and therefore will now need to pay a subscription. Could someone explain to me how MYOB will prevent me continuing to use use the data files? Does MYOB have remote access to my computer system?

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  • Hi OnBalance,


    There have been a number of posts about this matter (MYOB trying to end bookkeeper MYOB v19 type licenses).


    MYOB do not have access to your computer, however they do control file confirmation. Having read most of the posts on the issue, it seems MYOB are stopping confirmation via versions of MYOB distributed to bookkeepers etc on a CD. It seems when you confirm a file, MYOB can tell the serial number and the file ID, and they can also tell if bookkeeper software is being used. 


    Other bookkeepers have been told to get clients to use the normal retail version software available here, all things being equal, client files should continue to be confirmed as long as they use the retail version software. 


    If there are any other informed readers, feel free to correct me if I have misunderstood the situation as outlined in other posts.