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3 months ago

Employee Age Report



Can anybody help me with a report that will produce an employee's age?
I can see the Employee Detail Data report produces a date of birth, but I need a report that calculates age.

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    Hi Bullswool,


    Thank you for the post. Currently, we don't have a report that calculates or shows the age. We encourage submitting this to our Idea Board where we collect user suggestions and feedback, which helps us understand user needs and prioritize enhancements in future product updates.




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    Hi Bullswool ,

    I would recommend setting up a Generic Inquiry to handle this.  Generic Inquiries are powerful as an easy way to add specific reporting requirements.  


    There are numerous tutorial online, try searching for either "MYOB Advanced Generic Inquiry" or "Acumatica Generic Inquiry" to bring them up. (Acumatica is the name of the platform in America)

    (This video looks like it might be helpful as an overview: )

    If you need specific help setting up a generic inquiry then you'll want to talk to your implementation team.