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3 years ago

Activity Statement Lodgement Report

Hi - we have a similar issue to one previously reported where we are receiving 'The agency has not responded yet' error message in the Agents Report.  There is no change despite unscheduling and resc...
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    3 years ago

    Hi cterbogt 


    The ATO implemented a fix for this today (12th April, 2022) that should resolve this issue.  Any new rescheduled requests from this afternoon (after 1:15pm AEST) should process successfully.


    We would recommend that if you don't get your ASLRPT tomorrow, then unschedule, and reschedule and it should continue to work from that point forward.


    If you've already rescheduled today, prior to this time, wait til tomorrow - and then reschedule.



    Note - this was not an issue with MYOB softrware, but an issue with ATO back end systems not handling the ASLRPT requests - even though they were submitted  (hence the "agency hasn't responded yet" message)


    Hope this helps.