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3 years ago

Client Accounting - Reports don't show cents so balance sheet is out of balance

When I look at the Workpapers tab in Client Accounting, all my balances have cents.


When preview the reports, the cents are missing and the reports area is rounding the figures, which causes the balance sheet to be out.


Why is this happening and how do I get the reports to show the exact same figures as those in Workpapers (including the cents)?


P.S. It has nothing to do with the Report Options and ticking the  'Display rounded balances' - if I untick this box, the cents still don't show on the report.

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    Not sure why if you untick rounding, the cents dont show, unless your master template has been set up so changes can not be made.


    With reports I usually have to adjust for rounding as we don't have cents in the financials we provide.

    In 'Report options' - 'Display Rounded Balances'  have you entered specified the rounding accounts?  If you click into this option, tick the box and specify the accounts to which you would like to appy the rounding error adjustment to, will solve the out of Balance issue.


    Otherwise I manually edit when I have saved the document in a word format. {I save in word, make the necessary changes we like on the financials we produce, then save to PDF}


    I would also suggest you adjust your master financial templates, so you dont have to make the adjustment on each client.

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      Sorry - I should said the cents show but they're all zero. They are not zero in the Workpapers tab


      As I said - it has nothing to do with the rounding tick box.


      Funnily enough, I had a look this morning and all the cents were there. I had not changed a thing. So the balance sheet now balances to the cent.


      MYOB incosistencies shining through and wasting my time yet again! Is there anything that MYOB releases that actually works properly all the time?